Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I'm gonna go workout 

So christmas was kind of a let down.

Thursday was fun. I only got three things from my christmas list, but it's ok. I can deal with that. Spaghetti was great, my family was fun. But I'd been drinking since three. So when they started giving me all sorts of crap because I messed up the most important trick of the game of hearts we were playing... I got a little pissed when they wouldn't shut up about it. It's a fucking game and I don't care that my dad won. And he's over there saying "it's ok, you were choking". Cause I really was choking. Stupid christmas cookie.

The best part of the day tho, was laying in bed with Boo. Oh jeeze, I can't call him that, it's too sickeningly sweet. His name is Ben.

Friday I drove down to Janes Vegas for a game I was going to buy Ben but instead got for free from my sister. Cool beans. But that made me late to dinner with his family. My bad. And the worse part is they waited for me. But that was a fun evening. We watched Elf. Drove around.

Oh my sister pissed me off. Ben and I were looking for something to do besides hang out at his parent's house. So I called my sister, but she wasn't much help. Well, she invited me over. Me. Without Ben. Because her boyfriend was having friends over. What. the fuck?

So we chilled in his room and watched Around the Fire.

Saturday - Christmas.... Oh jeeze. I woke up at 3:00. That's pm. THREE O'CLOCK in the AFTERNOON. On CHRISTMAS. So not cool. But what was the point in even waking up? Sure my family was going out for a meal together. It's not like they called and invited me. Seriously, I called my sister when I woke up, to further question her the issues that happened the night before and my family is out to eat without me. Not a big deal, but this happens all the time. And why on Christmas? What's the point of that? I spent Christmas day playing xbox, watching movies and smoking all by myself. Merry fucking christmas.

At least I'm not homeless.

It wasn't all bad. My sister called and invited me, and Ben, over to her house for dinner with the rest of my family (minus one sister). We went.

And then went to my house and exchanged presents in the dark. What? Lights are bright. I gave him a cd case that I had colored on and put buttons on. With a $50 gift certificate to Best Buy and the tekken 4 game. He got me a purse with Jack Skellington on it and tickets to see Phantom of the Opera in January in Mad town. How freakin cool.

Sunday - Family christmas for my mothers side. Good times. Odd relatives. Work party...it was ok. I snagged Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture DVD Edition. Which rocks! And was hit on by old men all night.

Monday I didn't work, but did laundry. My roommates and I exchanged gifts. Dodgeball, Ghost in the Shell, an Orlando Bloom calendar and a framed drawing of myself. It was fun.

And that's all I've got. I should be working.

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