Wednesday, December 22, 2004

it's about that time, I swear I lost my mind* 

So I've talked to many people in the last couple of days with whom I haven't spoken to for an extended period of time. Shawnathan, Chris from my childhood town, my sister, Beppo in Packer City and Koko.

It's been fun. I haven't been stunned into stupid silence like has been happening lately. I think when winter hits I just decide to hibernate in body and mind.

Ohh, depressing moment: I saw D, her man and my godson at Wally world the other day. I was chilling with my buddy Grover and D yelled my name across the store. So we ran back to talk to her. Talk being a "Hey, wassup?" before no one could think of anything else to say. So as I thinking about what to bring up, D says "Whoa. I never thought that it would become akward silences between us at Walmart." And that brought my whole heart down. But ever the cheerful one (FAKER!) I shushed her and went on with meaningless prattle.

For christmas...ahh christmas. What a cluster fuck. (And I say that with all the love in my heart.) Tonight is a very merry roommate christmas. Tomorrow is family time at ten at night (with drinks). Friday, Grover and I (maybe koko) are gonnna bake cookies and play xbox. Friday night I may go over to Boo's and hang out with his family. Saturday is breakfast at my parents and prolly chilling with Grover again. Depends on family stuff. Sunday is extended family in Mad town and work party at night. CRAZY! At least I have monday off tho.

Alrighty. This wasn't too interesting. I know. But things that are interesting lately, haven't happened. Like I won tickets to a concert...but it was canceled and I couldn't get off work to pick up the tickets anyway (again). And Boo won tickets to a concert...but it was canceled (postponed until February). And really, that's it.

OOHHH Except I get to help with a photo shoot thingy. I hope. Like this guy I kinda work with is working on his portfolio (so he can take better pictures for his recording studio stuff). Ehh, I don't know. It seems like fun tho.

Merry Christmas.

*the title is taken from a violet femms song I can totally relate to. Wisconsin Death Trip and all...

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