Friday, January 28, 2005

I feel lightheaded from the boredom. Today has gone by so slow. I wish I had work to do just to have something to do.

I'm gonna be going to Minnesota again on Monday. Ugh. For at least two days, maybe more. At least next week will seem like a short work week then. But I already know that I have to wake up at 5:00 on Tuesday morning, go to work for a couple of hours and then waste time until they call us in again. It's all about wasting time in MN.

Oh well, I can just look forward to tonight then. I'm going to be joining Grover, Tech and C for scifi friday. They watch a bunch of dorky shows and love it. (I'm not saying dorky is bad either, so don't be hatin'.)

Afterwards (actually in the middle of, I don't think I'll be staying for it all) Ben and I are going to Madtown for ski boots and a movie. I want to see Tarnation, but who knows if that'll happen. I'm already really tired and have yet to do anything.

Have I even mentioned that I hate proofreading? Yet I have to do it constantly. That may be one of the reasons there are quite a few misspellings on this site. Including "outerspace" itself. Once I actually realized it, I didn't care.

I'm thinking about going back to school again. For theraputic massage. Yay! I don't know if that's what I really want to do, but it might be. So I'm thinking I may try it out. Depending.

Now I really wish I had more to say cause after the excitement of writing (and it has been exciting) doing nothing is really going to suck. Oh well, I guess. Only four hours minus change to go 'till scifi friday.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

I've got skills 

Last night, I was planning on going home and watching the second disk of Slayers to prepare for anime night tonight (it's been moved from Tuesdays to Thursdays). Ya know, making it an early night since I barely made it through work alive. I hate being sick. But instead, what did I do? I went skiing.

I rocked the hill! The first couple we went down, I made it though ok. But I was having some issues with the boots I was wear (old and ugly things they were) and I kept catching an edge. Thankfully Ben is well versed in the ways of skiing (I'd hope so seeing as it's his job) and took them into the rental shop thing to take care of it. I used some rental boots and Ben, while flirting with Woody, detuned my skis.

Then we went on a black diamond.

And I fell. Twice. But not too bad either time. So we did it again. And I only fell once. So we did it again. And I didn't fall at all. Congrats to me.

Of course when I did fall and it hurt, it was at the top of the hill when I was trying to stop so I didn't hit Ben. The silliest thing really. But I fell on my butt really hard and the shock just went up my spine. I had a headache from it, without ever hitting my head.

That ended up being our last run, since Woody's girlfriend cut us off.

How rude. At least I didn't fall on that one. Apparently that's not ordinary, a black diamond covered in ice and I have one day of experience. But cool. I'm cool with that.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I'm sick. Sick. Sick. Sick. And so not happy about it. Do you know how many tissues it takes to fill a garbage can? A lot.

Guess what tho? I have skis! How exciting. I bought the pair from Ben's friend who let me borrow them before. But he has since bought new ones, and sold me those for cheap ($100). Score!

Last night I was dying to do something. So when Grover came over I pretty much begged him to go somewhere with me. It didn't really matter where. I just needed to not be home.

So we went over to the new people from Saturday's apartment. That was fun. I got to kick hack and discuss anime. Good times.

But the original plan was to go to the fast food restaurant my sister works at for cheap food. Yum. And while in that town (which is not the town I live in, but happens to be the town that Ben lives in) he met us there! I don't think Grover really enjoyed that, I'm pretty sure he's uncomfortable whenever Ben is around. Which is sad. It would be a lot easier for him to not feel like a third wheel if he didn't act like one. Not talking, following behind or leading in front... that sort of thing.

Grover really is one of my good friends. I enjoy his company a lot. He's really changed and grown up since I first met him. I'm so proud of him!

Oh well. I'm going try and stay awake until lunch. At that time, I'll be passing out and hopefully not waking up until 1. Screw food, I need sleep.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Degraded Man, Person Man 

So it was a fun weekend indeed.

On Friday, ya know, when Wisconsin suffered from a snow storm, Ben, his buddy and I drove to Milwaukee to see Something Corporate. We are smart. It took two hours to get there (about normal) and three and a half hours to get home.

But it was so worth it. I really loved the concert. It was the first time I stayed near the back the whole time, but I was so tired. There were many, many bands there too. Ok, like five I think. And we had to be there for the first one cause it was one of Ben and his buddy's friends. They did a decent job (even tho we only heard one and a half songs). The next band (I don't know anyone's name) was immature, but had potential. Their bass player was all about playing rockstar, it was humorus.

After that, we moved up to the actual ballroom and stood around until another band started playing. They sucked. I think they were the Academy or something. Then Hidden in Plain View, they weren't that great. I think they were just bad live. Things got better after that, when a band I didn't realize was going to be there started playing. Of course I can't remember the name right now...Straylight Run. I got their cd a couple of months ago and when they opened with one of my favorite songs on the cd, I almost flipped. What an awesome surprise.

By the time SC actually played, I could barely dance. I did. But not too much. It was a long day, after not getting a lot of sleep and then working all day. Which was sad. Cause they freaking rocked my little socks off.

And even better, we stopped at Krispe Kreme on the way home and I got doughnuts. That was super splendid. Super DUPER splendid.

Saturday was an awesomely fun day too. I woke up at 10 or something because of a bad dream. I dreamed Ben had cheated on me and was telling me about it completely nonchalantly, and I was pissed. So I hit him, called him and ass and went back to sleep for 10 minutes.

Grover had invited me to breakfast at Smut and Eggs in Mad town. But that was cancelled due to the road conditions. Babies. So we went to a local restaurant. There were quite a few people involved that I did not know. But now I do, so that's ok. Oh oh! I tackled C into a snowbank! That was fun! And Grover jumped on me (and hurt himself in the process, silly boy). What wasn't fun was the truck that tried to turn right into a parking lot from the left lane while we were in the right lane and cause us to run into and over a big, big snowbank and get stuck. You stupid old man.

After breakfast, we had the bright idea to watch Orgazmo (since I just bought it and I'm so pleased!!!!!!) It was at least two hours before we got it started, but once we did...yay.

I left after that to do some laundry and get some other stuff done, but Grover called later and invited me to a movie with everyone. I debated on not going (I was still tired and wanted to see Ben) but decided in the end, I needed to be around people.

The Life Aquatic is funny. And was even better because of the people. They were funny. And loud. And I'm usually really talkative in movie, so this was a good thing. Afterwards, people in the theater actually thanked us for entertaining them. That was cool.

We went out for coffee. And boy howdy. I'd been drinking coffee since I woke up pretty much and I was still so tired. But it was a fun time anyway. I left there around 2:30, ya know, bar time.

I woke up on Sunday just exhausted and sore. My throat hurt so bad. I chilled for the day. Over at my parent's for a bit and then at my sister's with her boyfriend. We watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Not the highest quality film, and hard to watch while eating pizza, but it was fun.

P called me during the movie and asked if we were still going skating. I had forgotten all about it, so I jumped up (and then sat back down cause I was feeling wOOzy).

WE WENT SKATING! ! ! ! I've missed it so much. But because rental skates suck and always have, P didn't have the ankle support she needed, so we quit pretty quick. But we're going to do it again.

But it's all good cause we had Buffy to watch anyway. Grover joined us and fell asleep.

All in all, it was a really fun weekend. I hope I get to hang out with the new people again.

Monday, January 17, 2005

weekend warrior 

For some odd reason, I was actually able to rest this weekend. I totally chilled out by myself and got annoyed when other people demanded too much attention. That is so totally not my style normally, but I really enjoyed it. I wasn't ever really bored.

And I hung out with D. The darling girl is prego again. I'm not sure if I had mentioned that already. Breeders.... just kidding! I really miss hanging out with D and some of my other old friends I haven't seen in awhile. We made promises to hang out more, but we always have and never do.

I think it's actually the group atmosphere I miss. Even if I don't really know people, I'm pretty good at just walking up to someone and talking, but only if it's a group and I know at least three or so people.

Most fun of all tho was driving with P. My sweet kP. On a short 20 minute trip (from the baby shower to the bowling alley), we talked in the entire time and really had a blast. It was funny stuff. I'm not really sure what we all talked about, but it was great.

Yippee skippee for me, I'm getting a new phone! I did some research and decided to go with the elgee vex six thousand. (ahahahaha, that's so dumb!) It has a camera (like most phones nowadays) and seems really cool. My sister has a phone like it, and the only problem I'm concerned with is a short battery life. So it's either buy a 2nd battery and keep one always charged or live with it. I'm prolly gonna live with it.

I'd have the phone already, but I'm trying to exercise some spending restraint. I paid my car payment early just so I would know exactly how much I have in my bank account when I get paid on Thursday so I don't spend butt loads of money and regret it later.

How much exactly is a butt load of money?

Thursday, January 13, 2005

...inside my mind 

I went and saw Phantom of the Opera last night at Madison's Overture Center. In a word...FREAKING AWESOME!

It was just a great night overall. I went home from work at noon to straighten my hair. I desperately needed to leave anyway. I went from being a week ahead in my work, to suddenly having to redo everything.

The entire afternoon was spent on my hair, from 1:00 pm to 4:15pm. And it was so worth it. I love it when my hair is straight. If only it were easier.

Before the play, we went to the Olive Garden for dinner. Not supper, dinner. I think I laughed thoughout the whole meal. There was this guy with thick black rimmed glasses, a larger nose and a moustache. He just looked like he was wearing those funny glasses with the nose and moustache attached. Pure comedy.

The Overture Center is beautiful. It's all white and glass, with metal accents. I've been inside it once before, but never in the actual theater. Wow.

The play itself...man, no words can really describe. Except maybe amazing.

I totally want to go again tho. Over and over. Thankfully my roommate is a musical nut and I've already been listening to the soundtrack for quite awhile. It's not really my favorite, but after seeing it, it'll be easier to understand with images to go with the words.

Of course we had to sit next to the most obnoxious old ladies who would not shut up. And they couldn't even talk about anything original.

But that's ok. We just made out whenever we wanted them to shut up. It worked. Punk kids.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

silly in the daylight 

This morning I had a nightmare. I hate that.

There was this serial killer, he'd make calls to the house and warn them that they were going to die soon. And then go over there and kill him. (Original, I know). So I get the great idea that I could figure this out, and proceed to do so. I was walking in the park where I thought the killer would be calling from, pay phone ya know? And I thought I recognized a person in the phone both (from the dark clothes that looked an awful lot like the outfit Vincent was wearing in the Cowboy Bebop movie, ya know, when he dressed up as a warlock), but was relunctant to say anything because it was my ex-lover Denzel Washington. It was so cool the way it was in my head tho, cause I was looking thru the glass of the phone booth and gently knocked. And from the black clothes and hat, this face appears and it is not Denzel Washington. I ran away, he caught me, but I fought him. (Even in my dreams I fight like a girl.) Eventually I got away and ran home, but there was another guy there, his partner of course. I fought him and was losing, but Denzel Washington came to save me. I think tho, in the end, Denzel disappeared and I saved myself.

That didn't stop me from waking up in a sweat all freaked out tho.

And ya know, I really like Mr Washington as an actor, but I didn't expect him to show up in my dreams. Or nightmares.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


So after a depressing and disapointing weekend, Monday made up for everything. It might be my favorite day.

I spent the entire day with Ben and he just makes me so happy. And he taught me to ski. How spectacular is that?

Not anything really outrageously cool happened, but just thinking about yesterday makes me smile.

Alrighty, I gotta punch back into work.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Well this weekend went by uneventfully. Thursday I went and saw Series of Unfortunate Events. Kind of cool. Kind of not. The kids were cool. I like the animation during the credits at the end. I dunno. It was just kind of boring.

Friday - I spent the day doing nothing. I actually got a kiss this midnight, I think my first ever. Happy freaking new year.

Saturday - The day was spent doing nothing. And I was totally bored, but eventually (think 9:00 at night) I went for a walk with my roommate. My roommate being Smith, the guy I was dating this spring.

The roads, sidewalks, everything was just covered in ice. On this walk, we went somewhere that we had gone when we were dating. And some one, I don't know who (could have been me), brought up us dating. And we talked about it a little. How we hung out for like two weeks and had a lot of fun together and then just never talked again. I asked him why he didn't call me and he asked why I didn't call him. He said he's still attracted to me and thinks I'm an awesome person, but recognizes that I'm happy in a relationship and he is too. So he's obviously not going to pursue anything.

It was so odd. I've felt that he still has feelings for me since we've moved in together and have really tried to just ignore it. But now it's all out there and much harder to ignore. When we got back to the house from our walk, I changed clothes (i fell and landed in a freezing cold puddle) and left, abandoning our plans for trivial pursuit.

It makes things even more akward for me. I know he doesn't like Ben. And Ben doesn't like Smith. And to add this whole things on top of it all...

Oh well.

I spent the night at my sisters, smoking with her boyfriend. And most of today doing that too. Hey, the Packers won.

I hate it being cold outside and I hate there being nothing to do. I have so much energy and am just dying from sitting still. Tonight I'm supposed to go eat with Ben and his friends. Eh. I'm feeling the whole bitchy girlfriend thing cause he hasn't called in two days. Stupid female reasoning.

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