Monday, January 24, 2005

Degraded Man, Person Man 

So it was a fun weekend indeed.

On Friday, ya know, when Wisconsin suffered from a snow storm, Ben, his buddy and I drove to Milwaukee to see Something Corporate. We are smart. It took two hours to get there (about normal) and three and a half hours to get home.

But it was so worth it. I really loved the concert. It was the first time I stayed near the back the whole time, but I was so tired. There were many, many bands there too. Ok, like five I think. And we had to be there for the first one cause it was one of Ben and his buddy's friends. They did a decent job (even tho we only heard one and a half songs). The next band (I don't know anyone's name) was immature, but had potential. Their bass player was all about playing rockstar, it was humorus.

After that, we moved up to the actual ballroom and stood around until another band started playing. They sucked. I think they were the Academy or something. Then Hidden in Plain View, they weren't that great. I think they were just bad live. Things got better after that, when a band I didn't realize was going to be there started playing. Of course I can't remember the name right now...Straylight Run. I got their cd a couple of months ago and when they opened with one of my favorite songs on the cd, I almost flipped. What an awesome surprise.

By the time SC actually played, I could barely dance. I did. But not too much. It was a long day, after not getting a lot of sleep and then working all day. Which was sad. Cause they freaking rocked my little socks off.

And even better, we stopped at Krispe Kreme on the way home and I got doughnuts. That was super splendid. Super DUPER splendid.

Saturday was an awesomely fun day too. I woke up at 10 or something because of a bad dream. I dreamed Ben had cheated on me and was telling me about it completely nonchalantly, and I was pissed. So I hit him, called him and ass and went back to sleep for 10 minutes.

Grover had invited me to breakfast at Smut and Eggs in Mad town. But that was cancelled due to the road conditions. Babies. So we went to a local restaurant. There were quite a few people involved that I did not know. But now I do, so that's ok. Oh oh! I tackled C into a snowbank! That was fun! And Grover jumped on me (and hurt himself in the process, silly boy). What wasn't fun was the truck that tried to turn right into a parking lot from the left lane while we were in the right lane and cause us to run into and over a big, big snowbank and get stuck. You stupid old man.

After breakfast, we had the bright idea to watch Orgazmo (since I just bought it and I'm so pleased!!!!!!) It was at least two hours before we got it started, but once we did...yay.

I left after that to do some laundry and get some other stuff done, but Grover called later and invited me to a movie with everyone. I debated on not going (I was still tired and wanted to see Ben) but decided in the end, I needed to be around people.

The Life Aquatic is funny. And was even better because of the people. They were funny. And loud. And I'm usually really talkative in movie, so this was a good thing. Afterwards, people in the theater actually thanked us for entertaining them. That was cool.

We went out for coffee. And boy howdy. I'd been drinking coffee since I woke up pretty much and I was still so tired. But it was a fun time anyway. I left there around 2:30, ya know, bar time.

I woke up on Sunday just exhausted and sore. My throat hurt so bad. I chilled for the day. Over at my parent's for a bit and then at my sister's with her boyfriend. We watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Not the highest quality film, and hard to watch while eating pizza, but it was fun.

P called me during the movie and asked if we were still going skating. I had forgotten all about it, so I jumped up (and then sat back down cause I was feeling wOOzy).

WE WENT SKATING! ! ! ! I've missed it so much. But because rental skates suck and always have, P didn't have the ankle support she needed, so we quit pretty quick. But we're going to do it again.

But it's all good cause we had Buffy to watch anyway. Grover joined us and fell asleep.

All in all, it was a really fun weekend. I hope I get to hang out with the new people again.

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