Thursday, January 13, 2005

...inside my mind 

I went and saw Phantom of the Opera last night at Madison's Overture Center. In a word...FREAKING AWESOME!

It was just a great night overall. I went home from work at noon to straighten my hair. I desperately needed to leave anyway. I went from being a week ahead in my work, to suddenly having to redo everything.

The entire afternoon was spent on my hair, from 1:00 pm to 4:15pm. And it was so worth it. I love it when my hair is straight. If only it were easier.

Before the play, we went to the Olive Garden for dinner. Not supper, dinner. I think I laughed thoughout the whole meal. There was this guy with thick black rimmed glasses, a larger nose and a moustache. He just looked like he was wearing those funny glasses with the nose and moustache attached. Pure comedy.

The Overture Center is beautiful. It's all white and glass, with metal accents. I've been inside it once before, but never in the actual theater. Wow.

The play itself...man, no words can really describe. Except maybe amazing.

I totally want to go again tho. Over and over. Thankfully my roommate is a musical nut and I've already been listening to the soundtrack for quite awhile. It's not really my favorite, but after seeing it, it'll be easier to understand with images to go with the words.

Of course we had to sit next to the most obnoxious old ladies who would not shut up. And they couldn't even talk about anything original.

But that's ok. We just made out whenever we wanted them to shut up. It worked. Punk kids.

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