Thursday, January 27, 2005

I've got skills 

Last night, I was planning on going home and watching the second disk of Slayers to prepare for anime night tonight (it's been moved from Tuesdays to Thursdays). Ya know, making it an early night since I barely made it through work alive. I hate being sick. But instead, what did I do? I went skiing.

I rocked the hill! The first couple we went down, I made it though ok. But I was having some issues with the boots I was wear (old and ugly things they were) and I kept catching an edge. Thankfully Ben is well versed in the ways of skiing (I'd hope so seeing as it's his job) and took them into the rental shop thing to take care of it. I used some rental boots and Ben, while flirting with Woody, detuned my skis.

Then we went on a black diamond.

And I fell. Twice. But not too bad either time. So we did it again. And I only fell once. So we did it again. And I didn't fall at all. Congrats to me.

Of course when I did fall and it hurt, it was at the top of the hill when I was trying to stop so I didn't hit Ben. The silliest thing really. But I fell on my butt really hard and the shock just went up my spine. I had a headache from it, without ever hitting my head.

That ended up being our last run, since Woody's girlfriend cut us off.

How rude. At least I didn't fall on that one. Apparently that's not ordinary, a black diamond covered in ice and I have one day of experience. But cool. I'm cool with that.

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