Wednesday, January 05, 2005

silly in the daylight 

This morning I had a nightmare. I hate that.

There was this serial killer, he'd make calls to the house and warn them that they were going to die soon. And then go over there and kill him. (Original, I know). So I get the great idea that I could figure this out, and proceed to do so. I was walking in the park where I thought the killer would be calling from, pay phone ya know? And I thought I recognized a person in the phone both (from the dark clothes that looked an awful lot like the outfit Vincent was wearing in the Cowboy Bebop movie, ya know, when he dressed up as a warlock), but was relunctant to say anything because it was my ex-lover Denzel Washington. It was so cool the way it was in my head tho, cause I was looking thru the glass of the phone booth and gently knocked. And from the black clothes and hat, this face appears and it is not Denzel Washington. I ran away, he caught me, but I fought him. (Even in my dreams I fight like a girl.) Eventually I got away and ran home, but there was another guy there, his partner of course. I fought him and was losing, but Denzel Washington came to save me. I think tho, in the end, Denzel disappeared and I saved myself.

That didn't stop me from waking up in a sweat all freaked out tho.

And ya know, I really like Mr Washington as an actor, but I didn't expect him to show up in my dreams. Or nightmares.

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