Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I'm sick. Sick. Sick. Sick. And so not happy about it. Do you know how many tissues it takes to fill a garbage can? A lot.

Guess what tho? I have skis! How exciting. I bought the pair from Ben's friend who let me borrow them before. But he has since bought new ones, and sold me those for cheap ($100). Score!

Last night I was dying to do something. So when Grover came over I pretty much begged him to go somewhere with me. It didn't really matter where. I just needed to not be home.

So we went over to the new people from Saturday's apartment. That was fun. I got to kick hack and discuss anime. Good times.

But the original plan was to go to the fast food restaurant my sister works at for cheap food. Yum. And while in that town (which is not the town I live in, but happens to be the town that Ben lives in) he met us there! I don't think Grover really enjoyed that, I'm pretty sure he's uncomfortable whenever Ben is around. Which is sad. It would be a lot easier for him to not feel like a third wheel if he didn't act like one. Not talking, following behind or leading in front... that sort of thing.

Grover really is one of my good friends. I enjoy his company a lot. He's really changed and grown up since I first met him. I'm so proud of him!

Oh well. I'm going try and stay awake until lunch. At that time, I'll be passing out and hopefully not waking up until 1. Screw food, I need sleep.

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