Monday, January 17, 2005

weekend warrior 

For some odd reason, I was actually able to rest this weekend. I totally chilled out by myself and got annoyed when other people demanded too much attention. That is so totally not my style normally, but I really enjoyed it. I wasn't ever really bored.

And I hung out with D. The darling girl is prego again. I'm not sure if I had mentioned that already. Breeders.... just kidding! I really miss hanging out with D and some of my other old friends I haven't seen in awhile. We made promises to hang out more, but we always have and never do.

I think it's actually the group atmosphere I miss. Even if I don't really know people, I'm pretty good at just walking up to someone and talking, but only if it's a group and I know at least three or so people.

Most fun of all tho was driving with P. My sweet kP. On a short 20 minute trip (from the baby shower to the bowling alley), we talked in the entire time and really had a blast. It was funny stuff. I'm not really sure what we all talked about, but it was great.

Yippee skippee for me, I'm getting a new phone! I did some research and decided to go with the elgee vex six thousand. (ahahahaha, that's so dumb!) It has a camera (like most phones nowadays) and seems really cool. My sister has a phone like it, and the only problem I'm concerned with is a short battery life. So it's either buy a 2nd battery and keep one always charged or live with it. I'm prolly gonna live with it.

I'd have the phone already, but I'm trying to exercise some spending restraint. I paid my car payment early just so I would know exactly how much I have in my bank account when I get paid on Thursday so I don't spend butt loads of money and regret it later.

How much exactly is a butt load of money?

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