Sunday, January 02, 2005

Well this weekend went by uneventfully. Thursday I went and saw Series of Unfortunate Events. Kind of cool. Kind of not. The kids were cool. I like the animation during the credits at the end. I dunno. It was just kind of boring.

Friday - I spent the day doing nothing. I actually got a kiss this midnight, I think my first ever. Happy freaking new year.

Saturday - The day was spent doing nothing. And I was totally bored, but eventually (think 9:00 at night) I went for a walk with my roommate. My roommate being Smith, the guy I was dating this spring.

The roads, sidewalks, everything was just covered in ice. On this walk, we went somewhere that we had gone when we were dating. And some one, I don't know who (could have been me), brought up us dating. And we talked about it a little. How we hung out for like two weeks and had a lot of fun together and then just never talked again. I asked him why he didn't call me and he asked why I didn't call him. He said he's still attracted to me and thinks I'm an awesome person, but recognizes that I'm happy in a relationship and he is too. So he's obviously not going to pursue anything.

It was so odd. I've felt that he still has feelings for me since we've moved in together and have really tried to just ignore it. But now it's all out there and much harder to ignore. When we got back to the house from our walk, I changed clothes (i fell and landed in a freezing cold puddle) and left, abandoning our plans for trivial pursuit.

It makes things even more akward for me. I know he doesn't like Ben. And Ben doesn't like Smith. And to add this whole things on top of it all...

Oh well.

I spent the night at my sisters, smoking with her boyfriend. And most of today doing that too. Hey, the Packers won.

I hate it being cold outside and I hate there being nothing to do. I have so much energy and am just dying from sitting still. Tonight I'm supposed to go eat with Ben and his friends. Eh. I'm feeling the whole bitchy girlfriend thing cause he hasn't called in two days. Stupid female reasoning.

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