Monday, February 21, 2005

Cheesy, I know 

Ok, I have to tell someone about this valentines day. It's just killing me to not share.

Ben and I had decided not to do anything special for the day, due to the fact we're both poor at the moment. I had to do something tho. I searched deep in my soul for the most meaningful thing I could. Finally I had it!

I stole poetry.

Throughout the day (while we were both at work) I sent him little poems.

9:15-Roses are red,
snowflakes are white,
please be my valentine,
cause you're mr. right.

10:54 -Roses are blue,
violets are red,
ever since we kissed,
I'm dizzy in the head!

1:07-Roses are red,
violets are blue,
sugar is sweetand so are you.
and so are they
that send you this
and when we meet
we'll have a kiss.

Twice already the flower delivery guy had been in and out of the office. When he showed up again, people were talking. In passing I said in no way were they for me, but guess what? They totally were. And they were super cool. Tulips, pink daisies, pink carnations, various other pink and purple flowers and this branch thing with a ribbon and letters spelling out Love cut out of metal dangling from it. Yeah, it sounds weird, but looks cool.

I took a break from the "poetry" to send him a text letting him know that he was, in fact, the best.

3:39 -Roses are red,
and aliens are cool
but ya better watch out
they're everywhere, fool.

5:30 -roses are red,
violets are blue
meet me at the gate
so i can kiss you?

And he did! I just got to his place of employment and he came out to my car and kissed me. It gave me butterflies. Seriously, that was the best ever.

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