Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Happy Birthday!!! 

Yesterday, a child was born. And I have yet to see her despite waiting around from 12:30 pm to 11:00 pm for her to show. Of course 23 minutes after I leave, hungry and tired, she makes her way into the world, most likely hungry and tired. Oh man, do I know how you feel kid.

I left work yesterday at 12 to stay at the hospital with D. She was bored and tired. Her fiancee fell asleep on the couch once I showed up, so I entertained her by doing a little dance and wheeling her around the hallways. Eventually tho, I gave up like her fiancee and just took a nap. Not for long tho. I swear!

I left around 5:30 to do some running around, KP and I ended up at Koko's for a bit. Despite trying my best to refrain, I had to embibe in some kind of beverage. So we got a little bit buzzed and headed back to the hospital to chill with D. Both Stan and Ben met us there. And we sat for quite awhile before hunger and boredom threatened to kill us.

The plan was to head back to Koko's and party, but BeFri called when Ben and I were driving. He invited me over and I accepted. Ben and I chilled out there for awhile. It was a little strange, but I left giggling and thanking my lucky stars I had a sober driver (thanks ben, love to you!).

Because we both have been super tired all week, we were just going to skip Koko's and head on home. But Kp called, angry-ish that we hadn't been there already. So off we went.

I was kind of scared to go to a party with Ben. He's kind of antisocial and I'm not. I love walking around and talking to random people. When we got inside tho, he got quite the reception for someone no one there had really met. Well, he went to school with one guy there. And everyone else was just curious I guess. I laughed. A lot.

I had a lot of fun. When I first walked in the door DT grabbed my hand and told me I was one of the most incredible people he had ever met (does that make sense? The sentence, not that I'm way awesome...). Spent a lot of time walking around with a bottle of water in one hand and a drink in the other. Ohh, and a monkey pile with Kp and koko. I miss that. I miss them. We used to spend so much time together and now... I see Kp once a week and Koko even less. It's sad.

Anyway, I was a fan of pretty much everyone there, except this one fella. I'm pretty sure he was completely smashed. Every time I looked at him, he was looking at me. And that bugged me. He's also koko's exboyfriend and I can't say I really enjoy listening to the stories I hear about him. Maybe I'm bias. I don't care, I don't really like him.

So much for an early night. I got to sleep around 1:30 in the morning. Which I guess is an early night, compared to the usual time. I'm still tired tho.

Tonight, the plan is to go skiing. First, I have to make a stop and see a baby. A precious girly girl. Ohhh babies!

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