Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy VD 

So Shawn came to see me this weekend! How super is that? Really super.

He was there on Saturday around 1. Of course I was still in my pjs, but I was over at my parents' doing laundry. Good times. We drove around for a little bit, got bored and called my sister's boyfriend. He invited us over. We chilled out there, smoked. Same ol', same ol'.

We didn't really do much the rest of the day. Like normal. We even ended up taking a nap, or rather, I needed a nap as I was super grumpy. So nap I did from 7 until 10 I think. My sister called, waking me up, to ask us to meet her at her house.

Shawn and I were there until 3:30 or something. I dunno. We played Dr. Mario and watched Sealab 2021. Funny stuff.

Shawn left when he woke up. Left the money on the dresser.

Just kidding.

Tonight, Ben and I are gonna go skiing. Since we're both broke and skiing is free and fun. What's a better combination?

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