Friday, February 18, 2005

jimmy buffett rip-off 

I went to the bar last night!! Yay!

A new restaurant/bar/night club is opening in the area and had a preview last night. For free. Yay! My coworkers and I were treated to an entree and dessert, which were both delicious. And then drinks. I wasn't carded and I liked it that way.

The bartenders are flairtenders and had the whole Cocktail thing goin on. While they weren't as cute as Tom Cruise, they were still pretty good lookin. One of the girls I went with was practically drooling everytime this one bartender came around. Oh it was funny.

It was a pretty cool night. I'm sorry I had to miss out on skiing to go, but I still had fun. We're trying to plan on next week for my sister, Ben and I to get together. Once again, I'm so looking forward to it.

When I got home last night, I made a lot of phone calls. And left a lot of messages. Seriously, when I've been drinking, someone needs to take my phone from me. A special appology to Grover who actually did answer his phone and had to talk to me. Yeah, sorry.

I, myself, enjoy receiving a drunk dial call. And I'm sure there are people out there like me.

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