Monday, February 07, 2005

what's this? a social life? 

Friday - I finally got around to cleaning my room. Well, organizing the mess anyway.

Ben and I went and saw Hide and Seek. Not such a hot movie. It was great until you found out what was going on. Come on people, it's been done.

Saturday - I spent the day at my parents'. I hung out and talked with my mother quite a bit. My father took me to lunch, if a slice of cherry pie and coffee counts as lunch. In general, a nice relaxing day. I was looking forward to chilling out with Ben that night, but he stayed home to sleep. So I went to another party at The Hall.

C directed me straight to the fridge when I got there. Thank you Koko, it's appreciated. She was buzzin' and I was getting there, but I wanted to got to my house really quick. I'm not too sure why we decided to go right then, but we did. We stayed there longer than originally intentioned, but it helped our claim that we were having a lesbian love session.

I guess I could start naming some people... I don't know if I really want to give them names or just use the ones that have already been established for them. I guess I can't really do that tho, cause I don't know them all. Oh well.

I mainly talked to three people last night. Koko, who we already know and love, being one of them. And then also DT and Sitter (aka BeFri).

DT seems like an interesting character. He was way honest about somethings going on in his life right away. Of course half the times I have hung out with him, he was under the influnce. Jack is his truth serum.

Sitter is my new best friend! We decided that we would be friends and get the matching broken heart necklaces that says "best friends" cut in half. He's BeFri and I'm StEnd.

What? It seemed clever when we were drunk.

Closer to the end of the evening, Sitter went to bed. And I'm not really sure how, but I ended up sitting on his floor talking to him. Where DT opened up right away about things, Sitter was more about talking in half sentences and making me fill in the blanks. I'm pretty sure I understand, especially after DT stripped, got into his bed and joined the conversation. I say joined, but really, while he was awake and talking with Sitter, I didn't say much.

Eventually they fell asleep. Koko and I waited up until four to get breakfast from MickeyDs. Yum.

Sunday - When I woke up, I put shoes and sock on and went over to The Hall. I had promised the guys a smokey breakfast. They were awake! Of course it was 12:30. DT was on the couch, Sitter was on the computer and another fella was on the other computer. We talked, we laughed a bit and then I had to leave to meet Grover for lunch. Still in my pajamas.

He seemed a bit off. I realized that he just got back from drill and tried to say that was it, but it wasn't. Or maybe it was. I don't know. I just really dislike the way he acts when he knows I've been smoking.

Anyway, that was an entertaining lunch.

I made it back home and took a shower. Since it was so comfy, I put my pajamas back. My sister's boyfriend called to see if I wanted to go over there. I kinda didn't, but did anyway. We smoked some and I made up a new phrase that apparently is going to be the next big thing. Classy glass.

I took off before my parents got there.

I went home and started reading, but didn't get too far cause Ben came over. It was nice seeing him.

We went to the slut (aka pizza hut) and met up with his friends. I was bored, like usual, but the pizza was so awesome.

I sent a text to my sister's boyfriend asking how the classy glass was treating him. (See, I'm already using it in a day to day conversation!) He replied that it would be better if I were there. And how do you say no to that?

So Ben and I went over there. Smoked some. They put the Grudge in and we watched the beginning, but I was tired. And Ben was bored. So we took off.

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