Wednesday, March 23, 2005

We're leaving tomorrow. And while I'm sure we're both really excited, I'm not feelin it today.

I had a pretty spectacular weekend. I got my new skis friday and had to try them out. By the time I got to the ski hill, Ben had the bindings mounted and they were sitting out in the snow waiting for me. They're even better looking than the picture cause they're super shiny and have this hollogram effect. It's neat.

Afterwards, we hit up a party at his friend's house. At first, it was kind of lame. Just because I knew two people there (including Ben) and there wasn't any alcohol I like to drink. But I had to drink something when we played Asshole, so Mad Dog Kiwi Lime it was. I won! I totally won President! And everyone quit! Fine, whatever. I had to go make myself some food anyway.

About the food thing, I totally should have eaten before I started drinking. Maybe then I wouldn't have gotten sick when we went to C's later and I continued drinking. Stupid, stupid alcohol.

Saturday was truely a recovery day. I did nothing of interest. Unless you count laying on the couch, watching Buffy with my parent's interesting.

Sunday was skiing! All day! I about died! How will I make it out in Colorado? I think I'll get used to the whole thinner air thing pretty quick. I did live there for 5 years.

Oh Colorado! I am excited. Nervous, but excited. Driving sucks. Especially since we're prolly going to take my car. Ehhh. Stupid kia. Rinky dink piece of crap.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

sooo poor 

I successfully spent all of my paycheck. In one sitting. Two actually cause I have yet to pay rent, which I can just manage to do now. But hey, I'm prolly going to love what I bought with so much feeling I'll spontaneously combust.

I bought skis. Check them them out! I got the 166s and cannot wait to get them...TOMORROW!! Super duper excited.

Oh, I also bought a helmet. And socks. And a warm undershirt.

So there we have it. No money for vacation.

We're going anyway!

Not to the Sunshine state either. Because I'm the girl, apparently that means I make all the decisions. I mention in passing that I would love to go to Colorado and ski...we're going to Colorado to ski. Plus it's kind of cheap...kind of. Well, in comparison for what it costs a normal person without hookups.

Besides, I have to use my skis for more than just one weekend this season. The last day for my hill is sunday (skiing open to close baby, yeah).

Change of pace...

I received a pleasant phone call last night. DT called and asked if I wanted to show up at the Hall and smoke. Yay! At the moment, I was heading to my parents' place of residence, so I thought I better not. It was a nice phone call anyway.

I'll prolly head over to there tonight and chill out for awhile. Grover and I are supposed to watch Shawn of the Dead. I'm poor, so I hope he picks it up. If not...I guess we're gonna play games. I have no problem with that. I could get my ass kicked in Halo 2.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

mmm candy... 

Do any of you have a cd that you still listen to that has way past it’s popularity. And I’m not talking like, The Steve Miller Band (they will always rule) or an old Backstreet Boys (does anyone actually like their music?). I mean like the one-hit-wonder bands that have since disappeared from the face of the earth.

My favorite and most one-hit-wonderness cd would be Marcy Playground. You know, Sex and Candy. I still listen to the cd at least once every two months. That’s a lot. It’s a good cd. But I have no desire to check out their second album, released years ago and criticized by the critics.

Ben’s is Blind Melon. I can’t really say for sure if they’re a one hit wonder band, I’m not really familiar with them. But it was the video with the little girl dressed up as bee. Everyone seems to recognize that.

I'm curious, anyone else?

Thursday, March 10, 2005

so sleepy 

I knew it had snowed before I even opened my eyes. The drive to work was trecherous, but all day I could only think about driving even further.

I want to ski.

All day I've been looking out the window, watching the snow fall wishing I were on the hill. Wishing I had the day off, Ben with me and Woody's skis.

It might be a good thing I didn't go. I could have freaked out when Ben fell hard enough to bruise his brain. I'm not good with pain, mine or someone elses.

Moving on.

I learned how to juggle. I can't say it's something I dreamed of knowing how to do, but it's fun.

Ben and my picture is in my company's newletter. Thousands go out, but thankfully my face was covered by the mailing sticker on most of them. It's not a very good picture of me.

I'm sick. But working really hard not to be really ill. It's just my throat...all swollen...hard to breathe...and swallow...But DAMN IT! I will not succumb!

I miss having something to say.

Monday, March 07, 2005

I hate caffine 

You would think that I would know better than to drink an "energy drink" at 7 at night, but apparently not. As a result, I'm super cranky today.

I think I woke up at least 10 times in the night. Which sucks. Lots. I'm a light sleeper anyway, but when I'm barely hanging on to sleep due to foreign substances, I wake up if the heater kicks on. Add in a noisy sleeper next to me and I'm not sleeping at all.

I wanted to cry I was so frustrated.

This weekend uneventful, I mean, when is anything really eventful? I went to dinner with my parents, sister and Ben on Friday. Did laundry, hung out with P and went to a movie on Saturday. Skied and went to dinner with sister, her boyfriend and Ben on Sunday.

I guess skiing in a tee shirt was pretty cool. I heard it was 60 degrees or something. Dunno if it was or not, but rock on.

Today I just feel sick. And like there is a lot of pressure on me. There always is moneywise, but feels like even more so lately. Last month, I had a paycheck with 13.5 hours of overtime on it, but I didn't get to keep a single dollar. And this month, besides the whole vacation thing to save for, I have to pay all the normal bills (including one huge electric bill) and car insurance for the next three months. That's already almost a thousand dollars. I just feel swamped.

I cannot wait for this vacation. It kills me that I still don't know what's going on with it. I don't know because Ben doesn't know. Not having control of this, being able to plan, is so frustrating. I wish I just knew if it was happening.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

I need a helmet 

Last night I fell. Kind of hard too. Stupid jump that's not really a jump, we just go off it like it's a jump. I managed to land sideways and not loose my skis. It did take me a minute to get up, however, due to my head slamming into the ground. I wouldn't have minded that as much (it didn't hurt too bad), but on the lift up I was totally giving Ben shit for his ugly helmet. Karma.

I was just off the entire night it felt like. I was freezing cold and my boots were either too loose or too tight. I almost lost it going super fast on some ice, but recovered fairly easily for how close I came to falling.

We stayed for an hour and a half I think. If that. The plan was to take in a movie, but we were sidetracked by chinese food. Yummy.

Oh so then later, we're walking up the stairs in the dark and I fell. My cell phone was lit up and looked really cool, so I kind of forgot how to walk apparently. Anyway, Ben helps me up and I slammed my head into edge of the low part of the ceiling.

I'm sick of beating myself up.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Shoe shopping was a success. I found a pair of shoes I liked, so I bought two pairs. White and black.

My sister was looking for tall black boots. Ya know, the really hot ones. But coming from a tall family, we both have rather large feet for ladies. She didn't find anything that fit that she liked. While standing in Pennys I remembered, I actually have tall black boots. Hot ones. And never wear them (come on, I'm already 5'10", do you really want to see me 6'1"?) Last night, I gave my tall black boots to my sister. Even if I never wore them, I feel the loss. They're freaking hot.

P found shoes she liked. They were super cute. She'll be wearing them to the Full Monty. Lucky bitch. Just kidding, love to you kp.

Lately, all I can think about is the whole vacation thing. The plan is for sunshine and ocean breezes, but if that doesn't work, it's snow and people who say "eh". It makes it a little hard to plan.

I'm kind of scared it's not going to happen. Nothing ever works out when I plan it. Of course I don't know anything about this trip. From departure dates to how much it's going to cost. It would prolly be a good idea if I asked huh?

On to not so happy stuff.

I know I said I was totally stoked about my sister moving back in with my parents, but I don't know if I mean it. She's so unhappy. And I know it takes time to get over a relationship, even a bad one, but I just worry for her. I guess it really doesn't matter what I think in the long run, cause it's all up to her.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Oh internet, today has been the most exciting day! Even if nothing works out like it should, I'm way too excited to be worried about that now.

While skiing last night, my sister and I made plans to go shoe shopping in the mad town tonight. SHOE SHOPPING! I've never been much of a girl about shoes, but I may be learning. This morning however, I received an email from my darling sister saying she may not be able to go to the mad town as she is leaving her boyfriend and moving back in with our parents. And then didn't supply me with any other information! I know he was mad because she went skiing and she was sick of his controlling attitude, but I have no idea if that was the final straw or what.

This afternoon, my boss decided that I needed to get out of the office (it's a gorgeous day and I've been talking about coffee all morning) so we went on a cruise around town. Dropped off some paperwork, saw about a million cops milling around the bank (which lead us to believe there may have been a robbery, but dunno) and got coffee!

Right before we left, I had asked him if it was possible if I could take a week off work at the end of March to go on vacation. And we planned it out so I totally can!

Ben and I have been talking about going to that one-state-that-all-the-old-people-flock-to and a cruise from there. The only problem, if it even is a problem, is that we would be going with one of Ben's friends. We'll call him Bo, and his girlfriend Ho. Bo and Ho. How lovely. Not that she really is a Ho. Kind of annoying sure, but I cannot make a statement on her 'ho-ness'.

It's not that I don't like Bo and Ho, but I'm not really sure I wanna go on vacation with them. Bo is kind of an asshole. And Ho is kind of stupid. Plus, I don't talk around people I don't really know. And I don't really know them and don't really want to.

Enough with the negativity tho.

My sister leaves her asshole boyfriend, I get coffee and a vacation? How super!

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