Tuesday, March 15, 2005

mmm candy... 

Do any of you have a cd that you still listen to that has way past it’s popularity. And I’m not talking like, The Steve Miller Band (they will always rule) or an old Backstreet Boys (does anyone actually like their music?). I mean like the one-hit-wonder bands that have since disappeared from the face of the earth.

My favorite and most one-hit-wonderness cd would be Marcy Playground. You know, Sex and Candy. I still listen to the cd at least once every two months. That’s a lot. It’s a good cd. But I have no desire to check out their second album, released years ago and criticized by the critics.

Ben’s is Blind Melon. I can’t really say for sure if they’re a one hit wonder band, I’m not really familiar with them. But it was the video with the little girl dressed up as bee. Everyone seems to recognize that.

I'm curious, anyone else?

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