Thursday, March 10, 2005

so sleepy 

I knew it had snowed before I even opened my eyes. The drive to work was trecherous, but all day I could only think about driving even further.

I want to ski.

All day I've been looking out the window, watching the snow fall wishing I were on the hill. Wishing I had the day off, Ben with me and Woody's skis.

It might be a good thing I didn't go. I could have freaked out when Ben fell hard enough to bruise his brain. I'm not good with pain, mine or someone elses.

Moving on.

I learned how to juggle. I can't say it's something I dreamed of knowing how to do, but it's fun.

Ben and my picture is in my company's newletter. Thousands go out, but thankfully my face was covered by the mailing sticker on most of them. It's not a very good picture of me.

I'm sick. But working really hard not to be really ill. It's just my throat...all swollen...hard to breathe...and swallow...But DAMN IT! I will not succumb!

I miss having something to say.

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