Thursday, March 17, 2005

sooo poor 

I successfully spent all of my paycheck. In one sitting. Two actually cause I have yet to pay rent, which I can just manage to do now. But hey, I'm prolly going to love what I bought with so much feeling I'll spontaneously combust.

I bought skis. Check them them out! I got the 166s and cannot wait to get them...TOMORROW!! Super duper excited.

Oh, I also bought a helmet. And socks. And a warm undershirt.

So there we have it. No money for vacation.

We're going anyway!

Not to the Sunshine state either. Because I'm the girl, apparently that means I make all the decisions. I mention in passing that I would love to go to Colorado and ski...we're going to Colorado to ski. Plus it's kind of cheap...kind of. Well, in comparison for what it costs a normal person without hookups.

Besides, I have to use my skis for more than just one weekend this season. The last day for my hill is sunday (skiing open to close baby, yeah).

Change of pace...

I received a pleasant phone call last night. DT called and asked if I wanted to show up at the Hall and smoke. Yay! At the moment, I was heading to my parents' place of residence, so I thought I better not. It was a nice phone call anyway.

I'll prolly head over to there tonight and chill out for awhile. Grover and I are supposed to watch Shawn of the Dead. I'm poor, so I hope he picks it up. If not...I guess we're gonna play games. I have no problem with that. I could get my ass kicked in Halo 2.

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