Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Oh internet, today has been the most exciting day! Even if nothing works out like it should, I'm way too excited to be worried about that now.

While skiing last night, my sister and I made plans to go shoe shopping in the mad town tonight. SHOE SHOPPING! I've never been much of a girl about shoes, but I may be learning. This morning however, I received an email from my darling sister saying she may not be able to go to the mad town as she is leaving her boyfriend and moving back in with our parents. And then didn't supply me with any other information! I know he was mad because she went skiing and she was sick of his controlling attitude, but I have no idea if that was the final straw or what.

This afternoon, my boss decided that I needed to get out of the office (it's a gorgeous day and I've been talking about coffee all morning) so we went on a cruise around town. Dropped off some paperwork, saw about a million cops milling around the bank (which lead us to believe there may have been a robbery, but dunno) and got coffee!

Right before we left, I had asked him if it was possible if I could take a week off work at the end of March to go on vacation. And we planned it out so I totally can!

Ben and I have been talking about going to that one-state-that-all-the-old-people-flock-to and a cruise from there. The only problem, if it even is a problem, is that we would be going with one of Ben's friends. We'll call him Bo, and his girlfriend Ho. Bo and Ho. How lovely. Not that she really is a Ho. Kind of annoying sure, but I cannot make a statement on her 'ho-ness'.

It's not that I don't like Bo and Ho, but I'm not really sure I wanna go on vacation with them. Bo is kind of an asshole. And Ho is kind of stupid. Plus, I don't talk around people I don't really know. And I don't really know them and don't really want to.

Enough with the negativity tho.

My sister leaves her asshole boyfriend, I get coffee and a vacation? How super!

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