Wednesday, March 23, 2005

We're leaving tomorrow. And while I'm sure we're both really excited, I'm not feelin it today.

I had a pretty spectacular weekend. I got my new skis friday and had to try them out. By the time I got to the ski hill, Ben had the bindings mounted and they were sitting out in the snow waiting for me. They're even better looking than the picture cause they're super shiny and have this hollogram effect. It's neat.

Afterwards, we hit up a party at his friend's house. At first, it was kind of lame. Just because I knew two people there (including Ben) and there wasn't any alcohol I like to drink. But I had to drink something when we played Asshole, so Mad Dog Kiwi Lime it was. I won! I totally won President! And everyone quit! Fine, whatever. I had to go make myself some food anyway.

About the food thing, I totally should have eaten before I started drinking. Maybe then I wouldn't have gotten sick when we went to C's later and I continued drinking. Stupid, stupid alcohol.

Saturday was truely a recovery day. I did nothing of interest. Unless you count laying on the couch, watching Buffy with my parent's interesting.

Sunday was skiing! All day! I about died! How will I make it out in Colorado? I think I'll get used to the whole thinner air thing pretty quick. I did live there for 5 years.

Oh Colorado! I am excited. Nervous, but excited. Driving sucks. Especially since we're prolly going to take my car. Ehhh. Stupid kia. Rinky dink piece of crap.

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