Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Home is where your towel hangs 

Hey, I'm back! The kia didn't crap out, we didn't get lost in a blizzard and I didn't die on a mountain. I'm pretty sure that means the vacation was a success. Time for a trip recap.

Ben's winter work friend L7 was already there, and had been there for a week. He called and gave us updates on the weather, the living conditions, the snow...that was kind of nice. We were pretty prepared because of that.

We left on Thursday night and hit some snow in Iowa, so we stayed in Grinnell. Or something like that. Nebraska was boring, so nothing really new there. We got into our only "fight" for the entire trip on the drive there. He said I can be controlling. And I am, but I can still argue because damn it! someone has to be the decisive one. It wasn't really a fight. Just a discussion where I'm annoyed with what's being said.

We got there Friday and checked into the Boulder International Hostel. Staying in a hostel was cheap. At the beginning of the week, I missed having my own bathroom like you wouldn't believe. You adapt tho. To the clanking pipes, the lumpy bed, the busy hallway and thin walls. You even start to ignore all the mildew in the shower. Ok, maybe not, but it doesn't bug you as much as it did.

Saturday we walked. And walked. We walked around Boulder. There is this street, Pearle Street and it's just like State street only less hippies and more yuppies. It's kind of cool. There's a little place for kids to play and everything is really clean. When we got bored with Boulder, we drove to Denver and walked around there. They have a pedestrian mall, the 16th Street Mall we walked around. It was kind of cool. There is an ESPN Zone there with the biggest arcade I've ever seen. THAT was totally cool.

Sunday we went to Loveland. It's right on the Continental Divide, home to the World's Tallest Chair Lift. Cold and windy, but fun. Somehow, Ben got lost. Well, he just sort of split up from me and L7. And L7 likes going on hardtrails. So I ended up going down a steep powder black diamond run. I've never skiied on powder! I live in the Midwest, home of ice runs. Dude, it kicked my ass. I did ok eventually, but I was so happy once I reached a groomed section.

While at Loveland, Kasey called. She and her roommate were heading up to Boulder for the day. YAY! So as soon as we got back to the hostel, we walked on over to Pearle Street and met up with them there. YAY! Unfortunately due to homework, extreme exhaustion and severe goggle sunburn lines, we did little more than get ice cream and say hello/goodbye. But it was nice to see her.

And Kasey- I'm super sorry I forgot your book. Cause how easy would that have been? To just hand it to you. I'm hanging my head in shame as I type.

Monday we went to Breckenridge. That was fun. We were going down blue/black trails in the morning and in the afternoon we switched to fun blue hills with lots rollers we could jump. In Colorado, generally the blue runs are pretty much like the black runs here, except longer so it was way fun. That may have been my favorite day.

Tuesday we took a break. Did nothing.

Wednesday we went to Vail. I was sick. I'd been getting a cold the whole time we were there and the altitude totally fucked with my head. The pressure on my ears was killing me and I totally cried on the way up the mountain. The guys didn't know tho cause I was in the backseat of a pickup truck. Once we got there tho, it was ok. That's a lie. I felt like crap and was insanely frusterated because L7 and Ben kept going on mogel runs. Which I didn't really know how to do. We ended up going to the back bowls. Unfortunately, once we got back there it started to snow and was close to white out conditions. L7 took off cause that's what he does. That's when I started to have fun. I started to understand how you have to ski on powder, lean back while leaning forward. It's freaking weird. Ben was upset with L7 for taking us back there and leaving us. Personally, I'm glad he took off. I really couldn't stand him by the end of the trip. On the way back to Boulder from Vail, we were in traffic for six hours. Not fun.

Because of the traffic and snow and ice and crap, we didn't go skiing on Thursday. We just chilled for most of the day and then played some frisbee at night. I ended up throwing up because of the food we ate, but no biggie. I felt a hundred times better once I did.

Friday we went to Breckenridge again. The plan was to go to Beaver Creek, but it was an extra hour or more to get there. We said fuck the drive. Breckenridge wasn't as fun the second time there. Well, it was, but not Peak 7 which had all the trails with rollers. We kept going down this Black area, not a trail, but an area. I learned how to ski in power and trees. At the same time. Huh. I only hit one.

Saturday we went to Copper. It sucked. The first and second run were fun, after that the lines were a half hour wait and there were gapers everywhere. They were having their Spring Festival. And it sucked. Not too much fun.

We left that night. And drove. And drove. And couldn't get a room in Kerney so we kept driving and stayed in Grand Island, Nebraska. In a really cool and cheap room at the Holiday Inn. By the time we got there, we went from Mountain time to Central time to Daylight Savings time. That sucked. So we we hit the road at 10:30 the next morning...icky tired.

We took it easy on the way back. We stopped a lot. Walked around a lot. Chilled out. It was a good time (for driving, I hate driving like fire hates water).

Everyone askes if it was fun. Sure, it was fun. It was a vacation with the man I love, duh. But not everything is fun all the time. Especially if you're sick. And cold. And tired. And really, really annoyed with the person who you met up with there that actually set everything up, so you feel bad being annoyed with them, but they still are really stupid and cheap and can he please stop repeating himself? At least he had a very, VERY defined google tan line by the end of the trip.

Now I'm back and working hard. Not really. It took me two or three hours to catch up on work (I was way ahead). And now it's just the normal grind.

Oh exciting news tho, Ben and I are trying to start an office softball team. I'm seriously excited for this and cannot wait to get it going. I hope it will all work out, I can't get ahold of the fellow I need to and that's annoying. But I'll get it together. It's what I do.

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