Monday, April 18, 2005

work is lame 

I think everyone knows the above statement is true. Especially when work makes you work on a Sunday. Stupid work.


Cookout on Saturday! There was a lot of food. I actually cooked! A fruit salad (and yes I had to cook it). A lot of grilling going on...in the smoker. How ghetto. But it was a fun time. Ben held it, and hosted a bonfire afterwards. Everyone was pleasantly tipsy, thank you for asking.

Basketball on Sunday! I don't know if I'll ever attempt to play again. Five good sized guys and me out on a court. They play rough and I don't know what I'm doing. Basketball is not my sport. Of course, I got blamed for throwing elbows and holding, but whatever. I have a jammed thumb and a bruised butt. I'm done.

Softball on Sunday! On the third throw playing catch, Ben threw it low and fast. And I didn't get there fast enough and only managed to knock it into my ankle instead of catching it. So I have a huge bruise/lump that feels real nice.

Everyone I know is suddenly obsessed with being healthy, myself included, but jeezie creezie. Is that what usually happens in spring? I thought it was supposed to be love and flowers, not sweat and diets.


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