Friday, May 20, 2005

I feel sorted out. At least for the moment.

Work has been easier. All I do is ride in a truck and hand crap out for the last week. And a little bit of next week too. Whee.

My family is crazy. The Texas/Lousiana branch here to visit spends most of the time watching season finales. Why do people invest so much time in tv? It's not real, ya know. I'm really super ok with not having it.

Then again, KP and I are watching the 6 ft under season 2 on dvd. And I guess I understand it. But I'm way more likely to get into it when it's on dvd. Just because then I can watch it whenever I want. And what's up with Brenda? Why is she such a super bitch lately?

Softball isn't really going that great. No one showed up to practice on Tuesday. I mean, a girl came because I dragged her ass there and had to go a half hour out of my way to drive her home. Other than that...some friends not on the team showed up later. After it was getting dark. But that's about it. I was and still am bummed about it. I don't know what's going to happen at our first game on tuesday when no one shows up. I put a lot of effort into this and it just figures that it won't work out.

Every freaking time.

Whatever, let's not focus on that.

My sister got an ipod for her birthday and I'm super jealous. A few days before, I told my parent's that was what I wanted and she just jumped in with "me too". I was going to get her a napster membership card, but I'm way poor right now.

Way poor. And it sucks. Oh well, let's have a party.

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