Monday, June 13, 2005

After working 33 hours since 5 o'clock Friday night through last night at 9, I'm tired. I didn't get enough sleep and as a result, I'm super emotional.

It's been awhile since I've felt homesick, but if I had to describe how I felt, that would be it. I miss my family. I was emailing my sister about random junk like normal when I realized it. It sucks being independant. Cause I feel like I miss out on a lot. While I'm at work, my sister (who recently moved back into my parent's again) and my dad are fishing.

I haven't been fishing all year. There has been plans, but they got cancelled because my dad had something going on. I miss it. A lot. I only got to go once last year. And not at all the year before.

I know my sister is more into it than I am, and my dad get frusterated because I hate touching the fish, but I could still just go and read. It'd be nice if they went on a day I didn't work.

I miss my mom too. She sent me an email with parental advice and concern and my heart about broke. An excerpt:

"But for something totally different. Did you see the front page of the [town] paper a couple of weeks ago after the nice young man died? I got so mad and upset. Here is a nice kid that everybody is going to miss but the acticle glossed over the point that he was driving drunk. I told [sister] and I'm telling you and [other sister] will hear this too, I don't ever want to read anything like that about any of you. I don't like it that you guys get drunk or high but I know you do. Take care of yourself and your friends. I know I am babbling but reading about that kid really got me. I love you and I know you don't generally drive drunk but your 21 birthday is coming up and well, neeed I say more about it. "

I just wanna go home.


Or even better, go fishing. The plan is leave at noon, stop at home to grab shorts and I'm off. See ya.

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