Tuesday, June 28, 2005

left slightly bitter 

So something funny happened the other day. At least I find it funny. You may view it as a long story for a stupid ending. But whatever. It's kind of like a review the day kind of thing before an almost-story.

The other day, Sunday, Tech invited me to go swimming. I was all about it. It was incredibly hot and humid and with nothing better to do than clean my room...yeah.

I grabbed Kp and had her go with. Tech and I smoked before we went and had a blast swimming. We played basketball, volleyball and just floated around. Good times. I think I went swimming a couple of times last year, but definately not enough. Tech offered an open invitation to go swimming whenever, that rocks!

I need a new swimming suit.

Afterwards, Kp and I went to see Benny-boo at work. He was just leaving for a tour, so we went with him. Yes, I have a tour guide boyfriend. It was great, he's a cutie and I like looking at him.

When he was done with the tour, Kp and I went with him back to the main building thingy... far, far from our vehicle. Starving, we walked to the neared pub which happened to be a total dump. We got a basket of fries (it was that or starve to death) and sat down to watch the end of School of Rock. Good movie. When that was done, so were the fries. On the way out the door (are you ready, this is the "funny" part), we saw a flyer for a local band that was playing there. Kp pointed it out to me and all I thought was pathetic. Ya know, lame ass local cover band. And then she pointed out a specific picture and I recognized Drummer Boy. We giggled and left.

It wasn't until the last couple of boyfriends that I've really taken joy in their misfortune. I used to be one of those walk-all-over-me kind of girls who-forgives-anyone-who-asks kind of attitude.

That has changed.

So ya know, good for him if he's happy with his band that plays lame ass cover songs. I know it's his dream to "make it big" someday.

But I'm ok with it if he fails. I may even giggle.

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