Monday, July 25, 2005

21! 21! 21! 21! 21! 21! 21! 

Happy Birthday to me! On the Twenty First of July, I turned Twenty One! Horray!

It was a long celebration weekend.

Wednesday - My sis, her ex/friend/i don't know what the fuck is going on between them, my other sister and I went to Country Thunder to see Tim McGraw. It was a pretty decent time. Sweaty and super expensive, but a good time anyway. It was $15 to park, because the vip parking pass I had wasn't good until the next day. Then it was $5 for a bracelet that said you were 21. Then $5 a drink. It was costly.

Tim was lookin hott! And his little wifey-poo came out and sang a song with him. His kids came out for a bit too.

Midnight struck while we were stuck in the parking lot traffic. My sisters and friend sang to me while my phone was ringing with other people hoping to be the first. Ben won, Koko was 2nd, Sitter was 3rd.

We went to a bar. I was freezing and ready to be in bed. But I got checked out a lot and saw a bar fight. Good times.

Thursday - I woke up when thunder shook the house. It was only 9:30, so I went back to sleep until 11. My sister came by to wake me up, I put out my arms to hug her and we hung out in bed for awhile talking. It was a really nice time.

We stopped in Madison on the way home to meet Ben and shop some. I got the cutest shoes. Shiney silver sandals!

The night was fun. I didn't get completely smashed, I didn't even feel drunk (I may have been, but only a little).

Kp surprised the hell out of me. Well, Kp, Shawnathan and Koko too. Shawn called earlier to say he wasn't going to make it because he had to work. So when Kp showed up at the bar and asked me to meet her at her car, I wasn't expecting to see him. I know I should have seen through it, but I didn't and was super shocked to see him. Kp and Koko got me the coolest gifts. Because it was my golden birthday, they got me 21 golden gifts. I was covered in gold glitter with a golden tiara, wand thing, sash and makeup.

Unfortunately, Koko wasn't there. I'm not really sure why. Grover bailed on me too. That brought me down a little.

Friday - Ben was supposed to hang out with me, but he had to work. Shawn came over (at 8 in the morning!!!) and we chilled for awhile. Cruised a bit. My sister called and reminded me we had a pedicure appointment at 1:30.

I don't remember the rest of the day.

Saturday - My sister, her ex/whatever picked me up at 12:30 to go back to Country Thunder. Sure it's a long drive, but Big and Rich. Come on. We were only two miles or so away from it when we stopped at a gas station. A cop car pulled up and announced that there was a tornado and everyone should stay inside. Did we? No. We walked to the edge of the parking lot and watched it like any normal person would.

Of course then it was rainy and muddy and icky. So we went shopping for an hour or so before actually going to the grounds.

Because of the storm, the schedule of the show was messed up. So we got to see Terri Clark. Hmmm, ok. I'm not a country music fanatic, so I wasn't freaking out like other people. Silly people.

We almost got into a fight with a group of people. But the haters gave it up eventually.

Sunday - Once I got home, I stayed home. I was tired and just wanted to cuddle. But Ben went out for dinner with one of his friends. So he wasn't home until 10 or so. It was a long boring day. I mean, I napped (and missed grover's call to go to miller-town) and watched Sailor Moon, so it wasn't all bad. Of course I had to fight with Ben when he did get home.

PS - I really dislike my old landlord. He's an ass.

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