Friday, July 08, 2005

I hate bugs 

I really do. No lie. Cause they make me spend money to go to the doctor and get prescriptions because they like to bite. Is it a fair trade? I don't think so. So vote no on bugs.

Apparently last weeks bug bite caused an allergic reaction and/or is infected. So my ankle is huge (the same one I sprained of course), super itchy and I'm taking pills for both. Any of the anti-itch creams really suck too. I'm going to have to wait three days for anything to happen non-itch-wise.

Kp went to the doctor with me. I didn't even ask her to go cause she never wants to leave the house. But she offered! And I'm so glad she did. I ended up waiting for an hour after my appointment time before I saw the doctor. I don't know how much the doctor appreciated having two giggly girls in the exam room together, but they made me wait forever. So I don't care.

This weekend is the first weekend in a super long time that I haven't had to work. It feels amazing. Oh my gosh, I forgot to mention I quit my second job. YAY! Well, it was a mutual thing really. They said if I left, I shouldn't come back. I said I wasn't planning on it. So, mutual. We're "still friends", but I think I'm going to have to burn the metaphorical box of memories I was keeping first.

So tonight and tomorrow, cleaning and going through old junk. Sunday, cook-out with the sister. Lookin to be a great weekend already.

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