Friday, August 26, 2005

I've decided I need a camera. There are so many things I want pictures of, but don't have the equipment. I hate being poor.

Yesterday, my mother and I went to madison to exchange/return the ipod my parents had given me for my birthday. The fucker kept freezing up. So annoying. But apparently, it's a well known problem. So instead of giving us a new one, the Geek Squad sent it into apple to get all fixed up. Well, fine. I was thinking of returning it anyway, just so I could get a camera. How neat would that be?

However, silly people that we are waited too long. 32 days instead of the 30 they allow. Whatev.

I'm really looking forward to tonight. So many things going on! First, Kp and I are going to finish up season 3 of six feet under. Hopefully anyway. She has to go get furniture or something. She doesn't know when. If she's not home at 5 tho, I'm going to go home. Her house isn't in my town, and I know I'll be reluctant to head over to her town when I'm already home.

Second, Ben and I are going to have a pre-bar get-together at our apartment. We have a lot of alcohol. Come and drink some if you're in Wisco.

Third, well duh, we're going to the bar. Neither Ben or I work tomorrow, so we're free to get really hammered. All we have to do is find a driver... Hm. That may prove to be difficult.

Oh well. It's going to be a good weekend. Hope your's rocks too!

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