Thursday, August 18, 2005

Lately, I’ve been feeling really friendless. I mean, I really need to talk to someone. And while my sister and I have become a little closer recently (both of them, actually) I would really like someone who isn’t bound by blood around.

It’s what I thought would happen. I moved out of the same town as most of my friends, and haven’t heard much from them since. You wouldn’t think 18 miles would make such a difference.

I’m mostly upset about Kp. We’ve talkea couple of times, but mostly it’s been just to figure out what was stuck in the landlord’s ureatha. She came over twice to watch 6 feet. But I’ve lived there for a month. And that’s all that we’ve seen each other. I guess on Sunday we were supposed to hang out and do free thing together at local places… but I don’t remember talking about it since I moved out. I have a bad memory. For as much as she was on the phone when we lived together, she hasn’t called me a whole lot. Then or now. So I’m not really sure what’s going on there. And it makes me really sad. I left a voice mail on her phone the other day and I sent her a text message earlier today, but haven’t heard anything.

Grover is a friend no matter what. I totally adore the kid and really appreciate his company. It’s strange that he has a job now. I feel a little more timid about calling because I don’t want to disturb him during work. Even tho his phone is most likely turned off or silent… still. He hasn’t yet been to the apartment, but because he thinks Ben doesn’t like him and Ben thinks Grover doesn’t like him, I’m not too surprised.

I’ve been trying to make friends in the town I live in now, but just feel completely ridiculous. I already know some people there, but to go from a person you say “hi” to when you see them, to bosom buddies? I hate trying to make friends.

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