Monday, August 08, 2005

Ugh. I really dislike my "ex-landlord" (as he describes himself...it's not like we had a relationship buddy).

So my previous landlord is a total asswipe. He acts like the evil landlord straight out of a book, making demands that are unreasonable and never discussed before and threatening us with holding the security deposit. Suddenly we're responsible for shampooing the entire apartment. What? When we moved in, the carpets were covered with bugs. But apparently he made it perfectly clear that we had to do that. And now the keys we returned to him are not the keys he gave to us at the beginning of the year. There should be a key for the deadbolt and we didn't give him one. Um, yeah... cause you didn't give us one? Logically, we're not going to produce one out of thin air. Oh wait, the newest thing missing are the closet doors on a room we barely went into!

What a piece of shit.


We almost won our softball game last week. It was so freaking close. Well, by the end of it, it wasn't. They chose to walk in their runs to win the game. Really lame.

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