Monday, August 15, 2005

Yesterday was somuchfun!

WJJO had their Band Camp on Willow Island. Good fun times had by most. Koko, Grover and I attended together and arrived a little later than planned. We got turned around while trying to get to a truck stop, so...yeah. Oh well, coffee!

When we finally did get there, Ra was already on stage and rockin. The lead singer has impressive control over his voice. There are some very egyption-y sounding songs. With a name like Ra? Go figure. I actually knew one of their songs, so yay.

During the song break, Grover and I headed to the front, as much to get in the shade as to get up close and personal with the bands.

Taproot came up next. I loved the guitar player. All the other band members were in black and angstful, but he was wearing a white collar shirt with a blue tie and a red sweatshirt over it. Dunno why cause it was really warm out yesterday, but it looked cool. Plus he came out waving and all cuteness. I just wanted to snuggle with him. Their show... not so much. I'm not a fan of their style of music: Fast verses that you can't understand, slow chorus that you can't understand. But they played some of their new stuff of their cd coming up and that sounded pretty decent indeed.

Up next? Only the best show at the freaking concert this year. DOPE! They rocked it. They were Grover's only reason for attending and I knew I liked them. But I just didn't realize all the songs they had. It was so so so so great. They played all the bestest songs (or at least that's what I gathered from Grover) but not too much off their new cd which was recently released. I don't care, I just dug it.

After Dope, Grover and I were beat. JCSuperstar and friend came over and took our spots while we went out to grab some water. But they ran out. They. Ran. Out. Of. Water. It was only 4:30 or something (time was fuzzy). So mountain dew it was. I was so hopped up on caffine yesterday. Caffine and sugar. It was awesome.

We though Chevelle was up next, but nope. It was Non-Point. So I dragged Grover back in there. We were in a really cool spot. People were rockin out, but we weren't too close to a cyclone. I was throughly enjoying myself. Until I got kicked in the face. Grover says I looked at him, grabbed his hand and booked it out of the stage area. It hurt. He got my eyebrow (literally 2 centimeters from my eyebrow ring!), cheekbone AND my nose. How uncool? So I'm sporting a black eye today. We were going to find a medic tent, but didn't. So I just went back in while Grover stayed out for autographs. I enjoyed the rest of Non-Point's show alone. Way fun.

When people started clearing out, there I see JCSuperstar and friend up on the rail. So I joined them. It was a good time. I was talking to these guys next to us and them. Everyone was friendly and it was nice. But they didn't rock out. And that sucks. See I like to dance. I like to shove (not too much, then that just sucks). I like to jump up and down. They liked to nod their heads.

So durring Chevelle, I was alone rocking out. And I didn't care. This girl eventually came by me and was moving around too so that was ok. But I didn't really enjoy their show. The lead almost got hit by a bottle or something, so he told everyone to stop and yelled at the crowd. It wouldn't have bothered me if he left it at "throw something at me again and we're walking off". But then he went on with "You don't understand how hard this is, why don't you come up here and try it." It annoyed me. And then their show kind of sucked. So whatever.

When they were gone, JCSuperstar lit up. I was already overheating, dying of thrist and had to pee wicked bad. Didn't stop me. Those fucking dudes doing the security sucked. They paid all their attention to the under 21 side of the show. So lame. Cause I was dying of thirst, like I said, and they were giving all their water to the other side of the show. Super lame.

I didn't know if I was going to make it through the stage break, let alone Sevendust. It was ify. My goal was to make it through at least one song. And I did! It was one of the singles, so I knew it too. YAY! I had the guys I was talking to lift me on the railing and then the security guard dude finally paid attention and helped me out. They sucked.

While walking out, I walked right in front of the speakers. Stupid. It hurt. It hurt all night. So completely dazed, I went and got some water. Called Grover and found out he was kicking hack not too far away. Had someone hold my water and went to the nastiest most disgusting porta-potty I had ever been to. Never again.

Then I hacked. Or kind of hacked. I was still dancing and whatever. It was decent. Some guys there had some cool tricks. We stayed until we knew there wasn't going to be any fireworks. Of course that's when the show was finished, so we got stuck in traffic. It was still faster moving than country thunder.

It was an awesome time. I'm sorry if you missed it.

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