Monday, September 19, 2005

So weeks huh? My bad. I kept meaning to write, but it didn't seem right. Catching up however, seems like fun.

I bought ski boots! And they're totally cute and uncomfortable in a good way. Why do most winter sports involve tight footwear? At least most winter sports I get involved in.

Kp went to LA. Most of Wisco's national guard people I know when. She came back yesterday or the day before and was stuck in quarentine for two hours, before they let everyone go home. "Just watch for the warning signs"... yeah of SCAVIES! But she is clean so far.

I'm going to court against my previous landlord. He's an ass.

I went to Ben's family reunion. It wasn't all scary. I learned to play croquet and have many bruises all over my body as a result. What do you mean that's not how you play croquet?

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