Thursday, January 05, 2006

the rest of the year better shape up 

On top of Ben being gone for two weeks (which is hard enough), I've had a hellish time at work. It's near deadline time for us and I'm working really hard at not getting stressed out. I think I was doing relatively well, Ben being gone had taken up most of my stress for the week.

But as of 3:20 this afternoon, dad's dog is going to be no longer. They've decided to put him to sleep because he's sick. He can no longer get out of his bed and that is just too much for my dad. My dad doesn't want him to suffer. And he is.

Spike, I love you.

Ugh. So fast tempers and intense dart games do not mix. Last night during league, I thought we were having fun. As much fun as one can have while losing all their games. Ok, just kidding, I won one. And really, I should have won three, but I couldn't aim for shit. Except at the bullseyes.

Ok, so there I was kicking other team's best player's ass. And he (we'll call him Aswhole) was pissed. Especially since I already lost to the two worst players (not that they were bad). I hit the bullseye at least four times, at least! But I couldn't hit the numbers to take me to zero and lost.

The captain of our dart team (Thur) and Ben's sub (Fry) were playing this guy in the last game of cricket. Thur was having an off night and Fry has never played a league game before that night. So Thur nailed bullseyes right away and kept nailing them for points. In the meantime, the other team closed the rest of their numbers. Aswhole said "you can keep running those bullseyes all you want..." The game ended, the other team won and Thur stormed off. He sat and the bar pissed as all hell because apparently, the other team was talking shit about Thur. Aswhole said something to his teammate about how when the pressure was on, Thur couldn't nail the bulls. Thur was shaking from being so angry (he's not a small guy and kind of intimidating). He called the other team's captain (and owner of the bar we were at) and started saying how he was never going to come in that bar again, how they just all have shitty attitudes and he was never going to come into this town again. It almost ended up a bar fight, before we tried to drag him outta there. Our other teammate (Nay) had to finish her drink and while she was still in the bar, Aswhole said that I was cheating when I was nailing all the bulls in the game against him. What a jerk.

We went back to the bar who sponsers us (which has changed so much from when we first started and I think I'm way ok with it changing ownership) and Thur was still bitching and talking about how he was going to split the nose open and beat their asses down. Nay and I stayed for one drink, but then she asked for a ride home and I was only too happy to go.

What a mess.

In other news, even tho Ben promised he would call last night, he didn't. Jerk. I'm blaming him for all my losses.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I don't think I would be able to make it another day if he hadn't. I was a wreck. The next time Ben goes on a trip without me for two weeks, he is not allowed to leave while I'm all about the pms. I've been crying something like non-stop.

But it doesn't matter, because he called. And while my heart is still very achy, it got it's fix of Ben. No matter how short the conversation, or how hard I was crying while I was talking. And he promised to call again today.

Filling up time had been kind of easy. I've been cleaning, or rather I should be cleaning. No matter. I've got time. Especially since I can't go skiing. What is with the 40 degree weather in January? And it would bother me if it were a nice 40, but it's a cloudy raining 40. So that pretty much sucks.

My friends have been really cool tho. I've hung out with Kp more this week than I have in a month. I was going to stay the night at her house, but her bed is odd. And the tv was loud. I did fall asleep, but koko likes to laugh. And I'm so ok with that, but it woke me up. So I traveled a few blocks to my parents' house.

And my sister even came over to hang out with me. Unfortunately she's working tomorrow night, but that's otay. I'll go skiing alone. That sucks. Mucho. Maybe I'll see someone I know there, but I doubt it.

Oh exicting news! I went and filed all the nessecary papers so I can get my passport. That shit is expensive. I'm hoping this summer is a break. And that taxes come about the time we go on vacation. Canada here we come! I hope.

And of all the places to have to get a passport to visit...Canada? I can't even say I'm going somewhere really cool. I have a friend who is going to Rome. Simply because he's always wanted to, and there is a break in the football schedule. Lucky bast'd.

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