Monday, March 20, 2006

Thumbs up to fruit salad. 

This weekend was a busy one. On Friday I had my very first corned beef and cabbage dinner (lunch actually, but whatev). The boss man took everyone out to the bar for their special recipe, which was boiled cabbage, potatoes, carrots, a slice of rye bread and a pile of meat. Oh and a shot of bailey’s. YUM!

Ben and I went out that night. He wanted to go get some of the infamous meat and I wanted to do whatever. We were too late to get dinner, but Harp was only two dollars. Too bad I don’t really like beer. I had bailey’s on ice. Two of them. And it was ten bucks. Ben complained, but whatev. He was drinking nasty beer. I didn’t want to stay out too late as I had to be at the bank (in a different town) at 9:30, and I guess midnight isn’t that late, but I was super tired. I’m not one who can wake up at 6 and stay up until 6. I’m a total bitch if I’m tired.

Saturday – Like I said, I had to be at the bank at 9:30. I signed papers and got my first loan. Who’s proud of me? Unfortunately I had to get new license plates. That sucked.

Laundry alllllll day. But that was alright, my mother and I went shopping. I got a stir-fry pan, which in my house is going to be referred to as a fajita pan. When I got home, Ben and I went to the store… why? To get rabbit ears. I relented on the no tv rule and he jumped at the opportunity. We spent some time catching up on the WWE and some other crap. Why have tv?

We went out that night. And it sucked. I was mildly bored all night and felt bad that Ben wasn’t having fun. He said he did on the way home, but he wasn’t acting like it while we were out. So I don’t believe him. I think he just said that to stop me from crying like a drunk baby on the way home. Yeah, when I was trying to leave the bar, everyone was trying to stop me from going. When I hugged D, she wouldn’t let me go. I was pulling against her, she let go and I fell on my ass. That hurt and really pissed me off as the drunks sitting next to our group were making fun of me. Fuckers.

I didn’t think I needed another reminder to eat before I went drinking, but somehow I always forget.

Sunday was the last day for skiing. Sad… So we did that. From 9:30 until 4. I have a slight sunburn on my cheeks, chin and neck. Not enough to get a goggle line, but I know that’s coming next week. Sad. They look so stupid.

After skiing, we watched more tv. Stupid idiot box. I guess I’m glad we have Fox. We can watch The O.C.!! I don’t think I want to tho. I hate having to catch up and I’ve missed so so so much.

We’re leaving on Saturday for Montana. WooT!

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