Thursday, September 11, 2008


I've decided to write again. If only because I was reading through the archives the other day and couldn't remember half of what happened. So even though my life is not quite as crazy, I'm still going to write. I just wish I had started earlier in the summer, because even though I know I did something practically everyday, I don't remember specifics. Just that it was one busy summer.

I do know that last weekend I went down to JanesVegas and hung out with my sister and KP. We were just going to stay in, play Rock Band and drink a little... but that turned into going out with KP's National Guard people, drinking a lot and then playing Rock Band. I love going out with KP. I wish we had a chance to just sit and hang, but one of the great things is that when we're together, it's like we were never apart. OH! And we let my older sister in on PPFL.

So it's fall and I love it. Fall is awesome. Rainy days to sit and sip cocoa while reading next to a window. My fav. Plus less tourists.

Starting way back in 2006, Jammin and I went on a camping trip with some of his friends from childhood. We went kayaking with some friends of those friends and had a blast (actually Jammin and I bought kayaks the next year - it was so fun). The fofs (friends of friend) were super into kayking, rock climbing and hiking and mentioned buying the place we had gone kayaking. Well, turns out they did! The 27-28th is the opening weekend and last I knew, we were going down there to camp and kayak. I'm super excited! Sure it's going to be cold (hello, fall? nice planning) but it's so hard to start a small business, esp in the middle of a podunk little town in the middle of nowhere that I wanna help anyway I can. So go to the mill in Wonewoc, WI and go paddling. It's fun.

I have to get back to work. This was actually a little more difficult than I remember... but practice makes perfect.

ps. Thank goodness they finally made iTunes a little more pretty.

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