Friday, September 12, 2008

Fall Festival 

Half day today. Yay! I wish it were a little less gloomy out, but this afternoon should still be fun. There's a big party/fest/sale in town this weekend and our boss is going to buy us lunch and turn us loose for the afternoon. My coworker/friend JJ and I have sort of set a tradition of hanging out in the afternoon and visiting various attractions (with occasional drinking). Usually we get in for free cause we rock like that.

In other super exciting news, I got a new backpack! As soon as it arrived in the mail today, I put it on and skipped down the hallway. See why? There isn't a real accurate photo, but it's purple plaid with little stars and is really girly. I represent on the ski hills. Unfortunately, it's also really complicated with little pockets and straps everywhere. Challenge!

As far as this weekend goes...No plans. I'm looking forward to taking time to relax. My dad was talking fishing, but I may go over to my sister's so we can make bread. It just seems like the time for some baking. Gloomy clouds and a chilly wind. My fav!

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