Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's ok, you can be jealous 

The game was awesome. AWESOME. It was exciting and fun and close and best of all - Brewers Won!

This is our view. Only better, cause it wasn't though a camera lense. But it was a really amazing time. The first two innings were spent marveling at the idea of being so close to the field. So close to Fielder. I swear I could reach out and cuddle with him.

The Metavante club was alright. They still serve drinks after the 7th inning :) We decided we liked it better with the little people tho and booked it back to our seats in time for the 9th inning.

In time to see Fielder's home run. Loved it!

I love baseball. Love love love baseball. People around me keep trying to talk about football, but it's so hard to listen. I won't care about football until I'm suffering from withdrawl of sports so bad it's the only option left. Maybe it'll be a little different this year. Jammin is going to explain the position and what they're trying to do.... Although I expect it will be "this guy is trying to hold this guy down" "this guy is trying to hold this guy down and then run for this other guy" BORING!

Baseball is the way.

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