Monday, September 15, 2008

Lovely boring weekend. It's been so long! And it was enough.

Friday - My cowoker JJ and I walked around all afternoon. I didn't get home until 7:30 or so. And then a girl who was on my softball team this summer called to see if I wanted to see a movie. I haven't seen her in a couple weeks, so I had to go. We saw The Women. No man in the entire movie until the last scene. I don't even think there was a guy extra. Abox (another friend from softball) came over after the movie and we watched Rocky Horror Picture Show. Or at least most of it. I sorta fell asleep.

Saturday - Sat around the house most of the day Saturday, only leaving to eat a delicious breakfast at 10:30 am. Read, watched Sex and the City and Gossip Girl. Yeah. It was awesome.

Sunday - Finished Sex and the City. *sniffle* I'll miss it a lot. But texted Jammin that I really needed to watch an action fight scene/car chase/porno soon after all the chick-flicks I've been viewing this weekend. I hung at my sisters house doing laundry. It was nice. No one was there, so I just chilled out. When she got back, we attempted to make our bread... Yeah, don't know how it turned out yet as I left before we got it into the oven.

Jammin's parents invited us over for dinner. He had family in town from the south. There were a couple discussions that voices were raised over. Abortion and Republicans. I stayed in the kitchen so I didn't get kicked out.

Attention Please. There is a Walk for PKD in Madison next weekend. I will be walking with Jammin and his family. This is a disease that runs in his family and his mother has it. Jammin was tested once, and didn't have it then, but that is no guarantee. Please look at the facts and decide if this is something you wish to help find at least more options. I highly doubt a cure is coming anytime soon, since at the moment it's kidney transplant or die. But that's just why this foundation needs more support.

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