Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Still workin on it 

Talk to some people from the past last night. It was strange. Awesome, but completely unexpected. I sent Geoff a text a couple days ago reminding him about a book he had borrowed, lost and never returned. Well, last night he started texting me again. After not talking to him in over a year, I'm guessing. Sad news is he split from another of my friends. They were cute. But they both have their issues I guess.

Also...D called me. To ask about the origins of something we used to say all the time. It was fun. Strange. Sorta ran outta things to say, but what can ya do? It's hard to catch someone up on your life if you haven't talked to them in over a year...

But I'm excited. These people have been friends for a long time and I would really love to talk to both of them regularly. They're my friends for a reason :)

Ok. It's five and I'm off. Margaritas, bike ride and chicken pasta all planned for this evening. In that order!

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