Thursday, October 16, 2008

Busy, busy dreadfully busy 

I'm struggling a little with blogging. It used to be easy and for years I could just record, journal-style what I was doing. But I'm not as good at it as I once was (and I wasn't all that good to begin with). But I will continue to practice.

I'm really excited for tonight. I'm going over to one of Ben's friend's land to do some trap shooting. I was in a league for a couple years, but have only gone maybe twice in the last two years. I do love me some shootin. And I know it sounds kind of odd, but I love my gun. I don't care that it's a hand-me-down and not in the best shape, or that it's heavy and ugly and I actually have a really hard time hunting with it. It's still awesome. Plus I get to make that really cool chuh-chink sound after every shot I take.

I was not feeling the greatest yesterday. And it wasn't a hangover. More of a I'm-incredibly-broke-and-upset-about-that mixed with a little I-stayed-out-drinking-waaaay-too-late-last-night-and-now-have-to-combat-that-with-extreme-hyper-activity. Still with me? I alternated between being foot-bouncing awake and pissed about money and falling asleep sitting up. It was a dangerous drive home.

When I did get home, I fell asleep almost immediately (within 5 minutes, it's a talent). Only to be woken up immediately for dinner. Johnsonville Italian Sausages (brats!) cooked in 2 cans of root beer and 2 cans of water. We country. Then I slept some more, only to be woken up for darts.

I won 3 of 4 301 games and 1 of 2 cricket games. It took a little while to warm up, but I started kickin ass. It was actually a pretty fun night for how tired and crabby I could have been.

I'm feeling a little stressed out about my upcoming schedule. I have something planned for everyday until November 29th. That is 15 days of activies (including Tuesday and yesterday). I listed them off for JJ yesterday while at work and just felt overwhelmed. Wanna hear? Ok.

Tuesday - Dinner/Bar with KP, Peanut and JJ, Darts
Wednesday -
Thursday - Trap Shooting
Friday - Laundry/Hang with Mouse
Saturday - Work. Boo work, YAY money
Sunday - 6 flags (which may not happen - see freaking out for lack of money)
Monday - Business trip to Madison
Tuesday - Anthony's musical
Wednesday - Darts
Thursday - Packing
Friday through Tuesday - Nebraska trip for pheasant hunting
Tuesday - Box's birthday

Very, very busy.

Gosh, not as much of a blogging struggle as originally stated.

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