Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hunting was fun. So much driving. 16 hours (with a stop at Cabelas) there, 10 hours total there and back from La Junta, 16 hours (with a stop at Bass Pro Shop) home.
But when I finally got in the Jeep it was amazing. My father's truck is large, cab and a half with an extended bed. It lumbers and steers so sleepy. Whereas the Jeep was so quick to respond. Love it!
I only shot one bird. Which I doubt I actually shot. There were so many shooting at the same time... I bet my dad hit it. But I'll claim it, I have no qualms.
The people who hosted us were really nice. Hugs the first time I was introduced. Hugs when leaving. So much food! Green chili, cabbage and meatballs (my dad brought those), bull fries, chicken wings, pecan pie and so much more. Nary a veggie in sight. Thankfully, we had carrots, grapes, oranges, apples and grapefruit at the hotel. Gosh, I would have gained 10 pounds (instead of the 5) if we hadn't walked so dang much. Many, many miles of walking through the scruffiest weeds you have seen. Chin high in places. A fellow hunter was lost in weeds two feet over his head, a hillarious sight from the hill I was on.
Winding down now. Only darts and hopefully some laundry tonight. Otherwise, naked to work tomorrow!
Still no plans for Halloween. Hope not to get stuck at icky bar all night.

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