Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A joyful return 

Brewers... sad. Not entirely unexpected, but still sad.

I'm sick. A cough and cold from my coworker. I blame no one tho, as if there is even 1 germ around, I'm certain to catch it.

Friday - Went to see Eagle Eye with Ben's friend Gato and his girlfriend/fiance/baby-in-utero mama. It was an amusing flick. Very shiny. The evening seemed to cheer Gato's ladyfriend up; she showed up at our house right after telling her parents about their spawn. I may not be the biggest fan of her, but her parents are not supportive in the slightest. They have no problem telling her exactly what she is doing wrong in their point of view, very harsh.

But it was a good evening. We hung at our apartment for a bit, drove 17 miles to get Starbucks, was refused entry to movie theater w/Starbucks cups in hand, drove 17 miles back home to watch Eagle Eye in smelly local movie theater.

Saturday - Slept in late. Went grocery shopping. So very necessary. In the movies where the fridge is empty except mustard? We don't even have mustard. So a small $200 later... FOOD!

For my birthday this year, I got a library card. And then shortly afterwards, kind of stopped reading. Not stopped-stopped, but haven't found a book to really immerse myself in. However, Saturday I put a pretty big chunk in my library book, The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. It's interesting. And I think I like it, but I'm not done.

By Saturday night I had a sore throat.

Sunday - My sister had surgery on Friday, so I spent most of my Sunday taking care of her. Or lecturing her about going to work on Saturday. Seriously, who does that? But she shared her edible arrangement, so I forgave her =)

We watched The Namesake and Run Fatboy Run. Both were ok. Nothin special.

Even tho I'm dying of a snot-related illness, I still came into work. Trying to finishing up a project, but no one else really seems interested in wrapping this thing up.

Oh and funny story, I sort of changed positions at work. So my supervisor is doing the job I used to do. And she is frazzled, which happens easily. She said something like "I have no idea how you did this" refering to last year when I did that job (let's call it Job A) AND the job (Job B) I'm doing now. I joked about overtime and she said that I didn't really work all that much overtime, not compared to coworker 1 & 2, who do Job A. Well that made me laugh internally, cause obviously to me that means I'm more efficient (and that IS true), but then I made another remark about how I couldn't really do a lot of Job B, I had help. And all the sudden it makes sense to her. Here's the thing, I was still doing more last year than she's doing this year, better. More organized, prioritized and efficient. It sucks that while she gets part of what I went though, she still doesn't credit me for it.

And just for the record, last year was hell. Two full time jobs squished into 40 hours a week and a side part-time job? Really? Yes. I did not make enough money at the job I was working full time to pay my bills. I'm getting a little worked up about it, which tends to happen, so I'll try to explain it later.

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