Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Top That! 

Ya know, having worked at a coffee shop for two years, I should know how caffeine affects me. But still I insist that I need a little pick me up and here I am bouncing my feet and twiddling my thumbs faster than Superman can blink. Oh well, I'm awake.

It was a perfectly lovely weekend. Nothing happened. And it was awesome. It was the perfect combination of sitting around and accomplishing chores. I wasn't bored once. I wasn't overwhelmed once. Just nice and easy.

I finished up my 80s costume. I made this huge, HUGE tulle skirt. I've been working on ways of taming it ever since. It's hard to committ. But the inspiration for my costume came from Teen Witch. Oh so awesome! Please also listen to Popular Girl, which has been in my head since last Friday.

Was in Madison yesterday for work. I actually went though the whole day without buying anything! Congrats to me!! I even got a free sample of B&BW pillow mist in warm milk and honey.

I did however, spend $50 on hunting boots when I got home from Madison. I met my dad, went to the ONLY local hunting store and frantically tried on boots for an hour. Finally found a pair that weren't too ugly. They're black and look alright as long as the pant leg is pulled over them. And something really awesome about them.... They zip!! So I tie them once and then I can use the zipper on the side of the boot to get them on and off. Ugh, I hate boots but that is awesome. I'm pretty sure I'll still get blisters.

So tonight is the play. Tomorrow is a doctor's appointment in Madison and darts. Then one more day of work and I'm off to see Nebraska. With a chance, a small chance of visiting former small town home in Colorado. So exciting!

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