Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Let's rewind, shall we?

Halloween was fun. I made Ben's costume while at work, which was pretty cool. During lunch, I ran next door and bought him a yellow tee shirt and then sewed a zig-zag on it. Charlie Brown! And it was low-key enough that he didn't mind wearing it. I, of course, was in my 80s regalia.

It was Betty Boops and a convict-guy thing's wedding anniversary, so we went to "their" bar to hang out with them for awhile. The plan was to meet some other friends in another town and then my sister to join us there... but Ben was having fun so we stayed there. My sister joined us in that bar and I got to meet her new boyfriend. He was ok. No opinion on him yet.

Unfortunately, like usual, Ben and I got into a fight about his drinking. That sounds so bad. What happens is he doesn't drink often, and then it's 2 drinks tops. But every once in awhile, he's stupid about it. And that pisses me off. Like sucking a screwdriver down through a straw in less than 10 seconds? That's fucking stupid. The bartender (an old friend of his) wasn't helping. She gave him a tampon with one of his drinks because he was so far behind everyone else. Kinda funny, but really fucking annoying considering how much he was drinking.

So I asked him to slow down and he didn't. And then, because I had been up since 6 and had quit drinking around 11, I wanted to leave at 2. Not unreasonable. Get out of the bar before last call, grab some taco bell and get to bed. But no. That's a half hour he could be drinking! See how this could annoy me?

But whatev.

Saturday - I went over to my parents and did laundry. I also baked cookies, raked the yard, ate two huge meals (beer pancakes, bacon and bacon eggs for breakfast; ribs, corn, garlic mashed potatos, beer bread and pumpkin soup for dinner) and played some games. It's amazing how 1 more song in either rock band or guitar hero turns into 10 more songs. But I can ROCK IT!

Sunday - Sat around the house all day waiting to do the things Ben and I had discussed doing. Around 5 it became apparently that would not happen, got pissed off and walked to the lake. Sat watching the sunset for awhile and then walked home. I hate sitting all day. I HATE sitting all day. HATE! I must do at least 1 thing outside the house, or I am the crankiest so and so you have ever met.

Monday - Crazy work. Chill night.

Tuesday - OMG! Voted early in the morning. Satisfied with election results. A little fearful of the Democratic congress + Democratic president. Don't get me wrong, I consider myself an Independant with Liberal leanings (extreme leanings)... but I just get a little worried whenever there aren't stop-gaps. Maybe that's not the phrase I'm looking for. But we saw how the whole checks-and-balances thing got screwed up by the last president and vp. I don't want that to continue, no matter who I voted for.

And there you have it. Make up work for some bad journaling this week. No real plans for the rest of the week. Funeral on saturday, work on sunday.

And speaking of work...

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