Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Let's rewind, shall we?

Halloween was fun. I made Ben's costume while at work, which was pretty cool. During lunch, I ran next door and bought him a yellow tee shirt and then sewed a zig-zag on it. Charlie Brown! And it was low-key enough that he didn't mind wearing it. I, of course, was in my 80s regalia.

It was Betty Boops and a convict-guy thing's wedding anniversary, so we went to "their" bar to hang out with them for awhile. The plan was to meet some other friends in another town and then my sister to join us there... but Ben was having fun so we stayed there. My sister joined us in that bar and I got to meet her new boyfriend. He was ok. No opinion on him yet.

Unfortunately, like usual, Ben and I got into a fight about his drinking. That sounds so bad. What happens is he doesn't drink often, and then it's 2 drinks tops. But every once in awhile, he's stupid about it. And that pisses me off. Like sucking a screwdriver down through a straw in less than 10 seconds? That's fucking stupid. The bartender (an old friend of his) wasn't helping. She gave him a tampon with one of his drinks because he was so far behind everyone else. Kinda funny, but really fucking annoying considering how much he was drinking.

So I asked him to slow down and he didn't. And then, because I had been up since 6 and had quit drinking around 11, I wanted to leave at 2. Not unreasonable. Get out of the bar before last call, grab some taco bell and get to bed. But no. That's a half hour he could be drinking! See how this could annoy me?

But whatev.

Saturday - I went over to my parents and did laundry. I also baked cookies, raked the yard, ate two huge meals (beer pancakes, bacon and bacon eggs for breakfast; ribs, corn, garlic mashed potatos, beer bread and pumpkin soup for dinner) and played some games. It's amazing how 1 more song in either rock band or guitar hero turns into 10 more songs. But I can ROCK IT!

Sunday - Sat around the house all day waiting to do the things Ben and I had discussed doing. Around 5 it became apparently that would not happen, got pissed off and walked to the lake. Sat watching the sunset for awhile and then walked home. I hate sitting all day. I HATE sitting all day. HATE! I must do at least 1 thing outside the house, or I am the crankiest so and so you have ever met.

Monday - Crazy work. Chill night.

Tuesday - OMG! Voted early in the morning. Satisfied with election results. A little fearful of the Democratic congress + Democratic president. Don't get me wrong, I consider myself an Independant with Liberal leanings (extreme leanings)... but I just get a little worried whenever there aren't stop-gaps. Maybe that's not the phrase I'm looking for. But we saw how the whole checks-and-balances thing got screwed up by the last president and vp. I don't want that to continue, no matter who I voted for.

And there you have it. Make up work for some bad journaling this week. No real plans for the rest of the week. Funeral on saturday, work on sunday.

And speaking of work...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hunting was fun. So much driving. 16 hours (with a stop at Cabelas) there, 10 hours total there and back from La Junta, 16 hours (with a stop at Bass Pro Shop) home.
But when I finally got in the Jeep it was amazing. My father's truck is large, cab and a half with an extended bed. It lumbers and steers so sleepy. Whereas the Jeep was so quick to respond. Love it!
I only shot one bird. Which I doubt I actually shot. There were so many shooting at the same time... I bet my dad hit it. But I'll claim it, I have no qualms.
The people who hosted us were really nice. Hugs the first time I was introduced. Hugs when leaving. So much food! Green chili, cabbage and meatballs (my dad brought those), bull fries, chicken wings, pecan pie and so much more. Nary a veggie in sight. Thankfully, we had carrots, grapes, oranges, apples and grapefruit at the hotel. Gosh, I would have gained 10 pounds (instead of the 5) if we hadn't walked so dang much. Many, many miles of walking through the scruffiest weeds you have seen. Chin high in places. A fellow hunter was lost in weeds two feet over his head, a hillarious sight from the hill I was on.
Winding down now. Only darts and hopefully some laundry tonight. Otherwise, naked to work tomorrow!
Still no plans for Halloween. Hope not to get stuck at icky bar all night.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Well, that didn't go so well. I arrived early to the dermatologist's office. And proceeded to wait for 45 minutes. It wasn't so bad. I didn't want to listen to music on the way down, so I was already well immersed in my own thoughts. Also, the entire wall was a window, plenty of people watching opportunity.

After getting naked and waiting for another 10 minutes, Dr. A came in. She was nice enough, but my biggest problem with any dermatologist I've seen is they rush in and rush out. She was on her way out before she asked if I had any questions. Which meant she had to come back in to write me a prescription.

Although she did want to take a slice of skin off me. That's not so polite. Well, I suppose getting it removed will be better in the long run. I have a appointment for November 24th. I'm also on the cancellation list - if someone cancels sooner, I'll get a call. Let's hear it for mole removal!

I couldn't do it yesterday because of the hunting trip this weekend. I am excited, but I'm sorta down about the mole thing. I haven't told anyone but Ben and my supervisor (so I could get the time off work). I don't know if I want to. It's depressing.

But hey! I might get a chance to visit old home town in Colorado. And that's exciting.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Top That! 

Ya know, having worked at a coffee shop for two years, I should know how caffeine affects me. But still I insist that I need a little pick me up and here I am bouncing my feet and twiddling my thumbs faster than Superman can blink. Oh well, I'm awake.

It was a perfectly lovely weekend. Nothing happened. And it was awesome. It was the perfect combination of sitting around and accomplishing chores. I wasn't bored once. I wasn't overwhelmed once. Just nice and easy.

I finished up my 80s costume. I made this huge, HUGE tulle skirt. I've been working on ways of taming it ever since. It's hard to committ. But the inspiration for my costume came from Teen Witch. Oh so awesome! Please also listen to Popular Girl, which has been in my head since last Friday.

Was in Madison yesterday for work. I actually went though the whole day without buying anything! Congrats to me!! I even got a free sample of B&BW pillow mist in warm milk and honey.

I did however, spend $50 on hunting boots when I got home from Madison. I met my dad, went to the ONLY local hunting store and frantically tried on boots for an hour. Finally found a pair that weren't too ugly. They're black and look alright as long as the pant leg is pulled over them. And something really awesome about them.... They zip!! So I tie them once and then I can use the zipper on the side of the boot to get them on and off. Ugh, I hate boots but that is awesome. I'm pretty sure I'll still get blisters.

So tonight is the play. Tomorrow is a doctor's appointment in Madison and darts. Then one more day of work and I'm off to see Nebraska. With a chance, a small chance of visiting former small town home in Colorado. So exciting!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Busy, busy dreadfully busy 

I'm struggling a little with blogging. It used to be easy and for years I could just record, journal-style what I was doing. But I'm not as good at it as I once was (and I wasn't all that good to begin with). But I will continue to practice.

I'm really excited for tonight. I'm going over to one of Ben's friend's land to do some trap shooting. I was in a league for a couple years, but have only gone maybe twice in the last two years. I do love me some shootin. And I know it sounds kind of odd, but I love my gun. I don't care that it's a hand-me-down and not in the best shape, or that it's heavy and ugly and I actually have a really hard time hunting with it. It's still awesome. Plus I get to make that really cool chuh-chink sound after every shot I take.

I was not feeling the greatest yesterday. And it wasn't a hangover. More of a I'm-incredibly-broke-and-upset-about-that mixed with a little I-stayed-out-drinking-waaaay-too-late-last-night-and-now-have-to-combat-that-with-extreme-hyper-activity. Still with me? I alternated between being foot-bouncing awake and pissed about money and falling asleep sitting up. It was a dangerous drive home.

When I did get home, I fell asleep almost immediately (within 5 minutes, it's a talent). Only to be woken up immediately for dinner. Johnsonville Italian Sausages (brats!) cooked in 2 cans of root beer and 2 cans of water. We country. Then I slept some more, only to be woken up for darts.

I won 3 of 4 301 games and 1 of 2 cricket games. It took a little while to warm up, but I started kickin ass. It was actually a pretty fun night for how tired and crabby I could have been.

I'm feeling a little stressed out about my upcoming schedule. I have something planned for everyday until November 29th. That is 15 days of activies (including Tuesday and yesterday). I listed them off for JJ yesterday while at work and just felt overwhelmed. Wanna hear? Ok.

Tuesday - Dinner/Bar with KP, Peanut and JJ, Darts
Wednesday -
Thursday - Trap Shooting
Friday - Laundry/Hang with Mouse
Saturday - Work. Boo work, YAY money
Sunday - 6 flags (which may not happen - see freaking out for lack of money)
Monday - Business trip to Madison
Tuesday - Anthony's musical
Wednesday - Darts
Thursday - Packing
Friday through Tuesday - Nebraska trip for pheasant hunting
Tuesday - Box's birthday

Very, very busy.

Gosh, not as much of a blogging struggle as originally stated.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Drinkin... not real smooth 

I prolly would have been fine if I had eaten a real dinner. Or more than just a duck strip appetizer. Something with bread. But I didn't. So I pulled over immediately and called for a ride home. I would say something about maturing, but OBVIOUSLY I drank too much in the first place.

A big Thank You! shout out to my amazing parents who didn't grumble about picking up their 24 year old daughter and driving her vehicle the 20 miles to her house. I am an asshole.

Last night I met up with KP, her roommate Peanut and my coworker/friend JJ. We had a bottle of wine and appetizers before we went to see Mike and Anthony. They were supposed to start at 9:45, but it was closer to 10:30. Of course we drank the whole time. JJ was much more responsible than I was, and even encouraged me to drink water. Which I did, followed by a shot. MMmmm Apple Pie.

Exciting news!! Anthony wrote a musical. And he was kind enough to invite us to the preview. So next Tuesday I'll be in Madison to view that.

And next month, dunno if I wrote anything about it, but I'm going to see Wicked in Chicago with JJ. I'm super excited about it. For one, I haven't really been to Chicago. I've been to the airport, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't count.

Just as an aside - I'm really freaking busy. Which, I'm not gonna lie, is completely ridiculous. It's October! There is usually a lot of sitting around to be done in October. And instead, my calendar is filling up. The very fact that I have to use a calendar is proof.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A joyful return 

Brewers... sad. Not entirely unexpected, but still sad.

I'm sick. A cough and cold from my coworker. I blame no one tho, as if there is even 1 germ around, I'm certain to catch it.

Friday - Went to see Eagle Eye with Ben's friend Gato and his girlfriend/fiance/baby-in-utero mama. It was an amusing flick. Very shiny. The evening seemed to cheer Gato's ladyfriend up; she showed up at our house right after telling her parents about their spawn. I may not be the biggest fan of her, but her parents are not supportive in the slightest. They have no problem telling her exactly what she is doing wrong in their point of view, very harsh.

But it was a good evening. We hung at our apartment for a bit, drove 17 miles to get Starbucks, was refused entry to movie theater w/Starbucks cups in hand, drove 17 miles back home to watch Eagle Eye in smelly local movie theater.

Saturday - Slept in late. Went grocery shopping. So very necessary. In the movies where the fridge is empty except mustard? We don't even have mustard. So a small $200 later... FOOD!

For my birthday this year, I got a library card. And then shortly afterwards, kind of stopped reading. Not stopped-stopped, but haven't found a book to really immerse myself in. However, Saturday I put a pretty big chunk in my library book, The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. It's interesting. And I think I like it, but I'm not done.

By Saturday night I had a sore throat.

Sunday - My sister had surgery on Friday, so I spent most of my Sunday taking care of her. Or lecturing her about going to work on Saturday. Seriously, who does that? But she shared her edible arrangement, so I forgave her =)

We watched The Namesake and Run Fatboy Run. Both were ok. Nothin special.

Even tho I'm dying of a snot-related illness, I still came into work. Trying to finishing up a project, but no one else really seems interested in wrapping this thing up.

Oh and funny story, I sort of changed positions at work. So my supervisor is doing the job I used to do. And she is frazzled, which happens easily. She said something like "I have no idea how you did this" refering to last year when I did that job (let's call it Job A) AND the job (Job B) I'm doing now. I joked about overtime and she said that I didn't really work all that much overtime, not compared to coworker 1 & 2, who do Job A. Well that made me laugh internally, cause obviously to me that means I'm more efficient (and that IS true), but then I made another remark about how I couldn't really do a lot of Job B, I had help. And all the sudden it makes sense to her. Here's the thing, I was still doing more last year than she's doing this year, better. More organized, prioritized and efficient. It sucks that while she gets part of what I went though, she still doesn't credit me for it.

And just for the record, last year was hell. Two full time jobs squished into 40 hours a week and a side part-time job? Really? Yes. I did not make enough money at the job I was working full time to pay my bills. I'm getting a little worked up about it, which tends to happen, so I'll try to explain it later.

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